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June 3.1964-South Korea the sixty-three movement

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June 3, 1964 (on Jiachen April 23), South Korea sixty-three movement. In four. nineteen "uprising" in

1960 to overthrow the puppet regime of Syngman Rhee. Park Chung-hee regime came to power after the military changed in May 1961 to move out of the "reform the Constitution, continue internal fascist dictatorship, foreign unequal treaties entered into with the United States and Japan, to betray the interests of the state and the nation, and caused widespread anger and dissatisfaction.
1964, Kim Jong-pil sixth "Korea-Japan talks in Japan, public anger pent volcanic outbreak. June 3, more than 20,000 university students in Seoul held a "condemnation of Park Chung-hee regime Conference", the call of "Down with the corrupt regime of Park Chung-hee," shot Kim Jong-pil! Subsequently, students held demonstrations along the masses entrants over a million. The authorities sent a large number of military and police to carry out a bloody crackdown on protesters, arresting more than a thousand people. Martial law in the city and announced the indefinite closure of all schools in the city.
authorities atrocities more excited the indignation of the people, in 32 cities across the country rallied together to respond to. Under the enormous pressure of the mass movement, Park Chung-hee had announced the withdrawal of Kim Jong-pil, the post of the President of the Democratic Republic of the suspension of the "Korea-Japan talks.
Review: traitorous behavior will be the people's opposition

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