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June 10.0223-Liu Bei died Baidicheng

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April 24 (mao), June 10, 223 years, Liu Bei died Baidicheng. died Baidicheng "target =" _blank "> Liu Bei (161-223),

Liu Bei died Baidicheng
Liu Bei word Xuande the, Zhuojun zhuoxian. Eastern Han far support the royal family. childhood poverty, and the mother trafficking shoe organizations formerly subsistence. (Today in History www.TodayOnHistory.com)
Eastern Han Dynasty revolted, participate in repression towel rebel army. and he "Highlighting" in order to win the party dominance, Zhuge Liang assistant.
; after the proposition the Zhuge Liang associated Sun refused Cao, Liu coalition, Sun 208 the Chibi World War victory, accounting for of Jingzhou wins Yizhou and Hanzhong, and eventually became the dominant party, the emperor 221 years (Shu Han Yang Liebu), Chengdu, the country of Han, reign Zhangwu (on www.TodayOnHistory.com) War of Red Cliff, Jingzhou, Shu and Wu and China the focus of contention
219, Gangneung War I Sunwu made Jingzhou and killed Guan Yu, Liu Bei huff out effort to the Bing Gong Wu he underestimate the enemy aggressive 222 years of the Battle of Wu Shu Yi Ling Liu Bei Wu Lu Xun defeated, the loss of soldiers off, badly hurt. Liu Bei due to cutting Wu failure, coupled with war fatigue in 223 years June 10 (Shuhan Zhangwu April 24, three years ago in 1789) died Baidicheng (Sichuan Fengjie County northeast).

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