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May 18.1895-Popular novelist Zhang Henshui's birthday

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May 18, 1895 (April 24), Yi Wei, popular the novelist Zhang Henshui's birthday. In In 1895, the popular novelist Zhang Henshui the birth target = "_blank">, Zhang Henshui the birth

Popular novelist Zhang Henshui's birthday
Popular novelist Zhang Henshui's birthday
Zhang Henshui (1895-1967) Chinese writer. formerly known as Zhang Xin-yuan, Anhui hill The early years of any "Wanjiang newspaper editor-in-chief. went to Beijing in 1919, she served as" Yi Shi "," World News "editor of the newspaper, and began to write the chapter novels. Sorrow and Happiness" published in 1929, the influential. During the Anti-Japanese War wrote many of the anti-Japanese theme works after 1949, the main work is the adaptation of the excellent traditional folk tales. devoted his life to the popular literary creation "History of Chunming," Gigi, "Eighty Dreams" Most of the more than one hundred kinds of novels, chapter back to the body, describing the traditional forms of human world of the modern society, many works have some social significance.

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