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June 3.1899-Austrian musician Johann Strauss's death

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June 3, 1899 (, Jihai April 25), the death of Austrian musician Johann Strauss. the

Austrian musician Johann Strauss's death
John Strauss (J.Strauss ,1825-1899 years), Austrian composer. Born 25 October 1825 in Vienna. Strauss childhood love music, despite severe opposition father, John Strauss, to become a professional musician. Age of 19, he organized a series of concerts and toured the achievements obtained quickly made him a par with his father. In 1848, he visited Romania concerts, during which the instigation of the local residents, he overthrew the Austrian consul. In the days of the revolution in Vienna, he is the captain of the national military band, directed "La Marseillaise" and his own creative revolution marches and revolution Waltz. Increasingly to improve his reputation after the revolution. Rich achievements go abroad for the first time on tour in 1851. As court dance music since 1853, Strauss command; 1863-1870, served as skipper of the royal family and the royal court dance bands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 1870, in Honor peak as waltzes and dance music composer Strauss (he was already writing about 340 waltzes and other dance music) turned to the creation of the stage music. He wrote 17 operettas, an opera and a ballet In these works, most of them due to their poor libretto failed or half failed soon vanished. In 1872, Strauss made a sensational trip to the United States. Held in 1894 to celebrate the 50th anniversary celebration of Strauss engaged in artistic activities, he received a certificate of congratulations from around the world and awarded him the title of honorary member of the All this shows that this is the first real victory in the event. June 3, 1899, he died in Vienna after a short period of time confined to bed.
John Strauss is a prolific composer. Whose works include Waltz 168 and 117, polkas the card was tired Seoul dance 73 16, march 43 and operetta. Strauss's creative activities can be roughly divided into three periods. The first period before 1863. During this period, he follows the basic Vienna Waltz mode, but has been in the works to increase the expressive power of music. The second period for the 1864-1870 year. At this time, his writing has matured, the creation of a large number of famous waltzes still widely circulated, such as "The Blue Danube", "Vienna Woods story". The third period of 1871-1899 years. Strauss also wrote the famous "Roses from the South Waltz" Voices of Spring Waltz "," Emperor Waltz ", but is mainly engaged in the creation of the operetta. Since 1871 after nearly 30 years, he has steadily wrote 16 operettas. The J. Offenbach and F.von Suppe, under the influence, he make full use of the Viennese waltz and other dance music genre, the Viennese operetta spectacular. "Bat" (1874) and "Gypsy Baron" (1885) is particularly prominent. Themes of his operettas avoid sharp social contradictions, music filled with happiness, passion, humor, emotions exciting tunes, operetta F. Lehar and others later creation of an impact.
"Blue Danube" Johann Strauss

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