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June 1.1864-The Taiping leader Hong Xiuquan died

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(JiaZi April 27), June 1, 1864, the Taiping leader Hong Xiuquan died. after 3 months, Tianjing encirclement

The Taiping leader Hong Xiuquan died
The Taiping leader Hong Xiuquan died
The Taiping leader Hong Xiuquan died
The Taiping leader Hong Xiuquan died
The Taiping leader Hong Xiuquan died
1864, the city run out of food. Hong Xiuquan take the lead to eat "sweet dew" (grass group) for food. Brutal struggle and hunger to the Taiping leader Hong Xiuquan confined to bed can not afford. June 1, 1864, Hong Xiuquan died "target =" _blank "> Hong Xiuquan died Nanjing.
Hong Xiuquan, born January 11, 1814, Guangdong spent County.
The performance of his life: ; br>, founded in 1843 "thanks to God", the struggle to mobilize the masses to overthrow the Qing Dynasty ruled from the important role of propaganda and organization; subsequently write "the original Road Salvation training", "original Road Awaken the training "," original tract of enlightenment training "and other works, prepare for the Taiping Rebellion ideological and preparing public opinion for a few years of hard work, Hong Xiuquan worship God will be the rapid development of the outstanding leaders of the farmers with the help of Feng Yunshan, laid the Jintian uprising basis.
from the eve of January 11, 1851 Jintian uprising in 1864, Tianjing fall, (lssdjt.cn) Hong Xiuquan led the whole process of this peasant war, which lasted 14 years, the forces of development to 18 provinces , has captured more than 600 cities, and to the Chinese and foreign reactionary forces to heavy blow.
the three, two core leadership. early stage in Yongan formed tetrarch kings of the Taiping begun to take shape, strengthen leadership strength, the lsjt.org] Taiping Army combat effectiveness, and lay the foundation for the rapid development of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom; late on in the country in unmanned DPRK and the "situation, Hong Xiuquan selection Wilson Chan, FURTHER youth generals presided over the military, and the appointment of Hung Jen? mention reason heavenly-government, to form a new leadership team, Taiping Heavenly Kingdom can continue to keep up the struggle.
promulgated a revolutionary program of the early winter of 1853, promulgated the "Celestial Field System proposed changing the land system and other social reform measures. their content performance requirements of the peasants against feudalism and a strong desire to resolve the land issue. Programme content and profound, the Taiping Revolution reached the Chinese ancient peasant revolution can be achieved the highest realm of thought. issued in 1859, Hung Jen? wrote, "to follow the example of the Western capitalist countries of New Administrative important platforms of the latter part of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom described in his attitude towards capitalism, compared with the same time on behalf of landlords ruling class, open-minded, broad perspective.
Taiping movement has been able to become the highest peak of the war thousands of years Chinese farmers, is inseparable from his huge contribution even the Chinese democratic revolutionary pioneer Sun Zhongshan would like to make a the Hong Xiuquan second, can be reflected in its far-reaching impact on future generations. Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in the Chinese and foreign reactionary forces strangling under failure but as the supreme leader of the Taiping Rebellion (? v in the history of today?? com) Hong Xiuquan serious error can not be ignored. Hong Xiuquan error that capital Tianjing increasing feudal ideology, hierarchy, especially pleasure thinking the the Hong Xiuquan day palace reclusive officers and men of the masses, is seriously out of. the Taiping revolutionary regime to a the new feudal dynasty regime transformation process, Hong Xiuquan played particularly poor lead role. qualitative change in the style of thinking, so that the more backward, more like a feudal emperors this feudal strife in Nanjing is the leadership of the Group's internal the inevitable result of the development of thinking. Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, in order to prevent lose its power, Hong Xiuquan employing an anti-pre-route "meritocratic pro" to form a rejection different surname Hung Group, the late political corruption increasingly to the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom internal belt to the deadly crisis. Shi Dakai the best commander in chief of the Taiping troops under his command and is the elite of the Taiping his ability and political integrity, won all the military and civilian supporters, strife in Nanjing, he is the only way to unite the masses his assistant, Hong Xiuquan revive the country potential candidates However, Hong Xiuquan mistrust him, Ann, blessing the two kings of hijack and squeezed him. therefore, Ground in exodus, resulting in the Taiping split situation. Subsequently, Wilson Chan, FURTHER to break Jiang Beidaying, Jiangnan Camp Beijing surrounded a solution Hong Xiuquan immediately the big champion MG, do not ask virtuously credit, relatives, Guangdong Association or to donate money and grain, can champion champion goes to number more than 2,700 people, resulting in the latter part of the kingdom of heaven is the political affairs of confusion officialdom corrupt, military weaken the situation. narrow conservative Hong Xiuquan, in his later years, not only ideological, and religious superstition into a sad quagmire. Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Hong Xiuquan life, achievements outweigh; However, the power can not mask. (lssdjt.cn) Hong Xiuquan led this great peasant revolution in modern Chinese history, a towering monument: it and help us to commemorate, pay tribute, but also allow future generations to ponder.
Hong Xiuquan Memorial
precious Taiping Heavenly Kingdom the the Xi India
King Hong Xiuquan and followers in the city of Nanjing, the 1864 French Illustrated "LeMondeIllustr" published etchings.
Hong Xiuquan the Royal Palace

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