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May 30.1981-Bangladesh crushing military coup

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May 30, 1981 (April 27), yau, Bangladesh crush the military coup. 30 am

1981, the South Asian subcontinent eastern Bangladesh city of Chittagong hotel suddenly shots rang out, the artillery roar. President Ziaur Rahman came here to inspect the 29th to stay in the hotel heard outside movement abnormalities, they open the door to see what happens, suddenly a group of heavily armed soldiers swarmed mouth together the assault rifle pointed at his chest .
"What do you want? "Rahman snapped questioned. The (Lssdjt.com)
voice hardly ever run ahead of the soldiers pulled the trigger, 45-year-old Rahman fell, killed on the spot. This is based in Chittagong, Bangladesh Army 24 Division Commander, Major General Mansour Ahmed instigated the first scene of the military coup.
Mansoor Ahmed premeditated coup in a long time. His dissatisfaction with the president can be traced back to at least 1977. That year, Ziaur Rahman reorganization of the armed forces, eliminating the need for Mansoor Ahmed, Secretary of the General Staff of the Army Headquarters in charge of operations, intelligence, communications duties, and he transferred to Chittagong any 24th Division teachers. Mansour bitterly away from this has been brooding. Mansour after 3 years of deliberate business, so the scale of the 24th Division greatly exceed other divisions, a strength equivalent to 1/3 of the Army's total strength. Four brigades of the division, three brigades of Brigadier is his cronies. Regiment battalion level commanders and staff to send military officers learned by the "freedom fighters". Thus Mansour thinks a full-fledged, "the world I'm yours. Reference in early May 1981, Mansour suddenly received a transfer order sent from the capital, President Rahman ordered him back to Dhaka to any president of the Defense Staff College. A transfer order to, Mansour was something serious like ants on a hot pan, seeing his military power will soon be lifted, if not immediately start his presidential dream "threatens to melt into thin air forever, Man Sur urgent consultations with its cronies, hasty decision to mutiny.
Mansour side an excuse to delay the implementation of the transfer order, he has intensified for the preparation of the coup. His secret presence in Chittagong camp mobilize loyal to his own army in 4000, in order to be mobilized at any time and publicly announced the local garrison in May for night training, actually coup exercises, as well as in the uprising Night deceived and paralysis each party; Mansour brought some of his unreliable officers removed from Chittagong to other zones duty or compel them to the field to leave.
5 May 29, 0900, President Ziaur Rahman take the plane to leave Dhaka flights to Chittagong inspections, the president and his party arrived in Chittagong admitted to the government guest house. Take a break, Mansour cronies Muti ur phoned the President Private General Staff Ma Fuzi lieutenant colonel with a code word to tell him that evening hands hope he Liyingwaige. The secretly collaborators Ma Fuzi natural readily agreed.
afternoon, Mansour and his followers finished the the Friday Islamic Poly ceremony and then after a brief meeting, and again at the implementation of the action plan the murder of President and deployment, Mansour heard about the coup all the preparatory work reported that existing insider collusion, there is no need for launching a campaign to use large forces, and switch to commando reliable molecular composition selected from the officers of the "freedom fighters" to carry out this task. Finally, Mansur to categorically He said: "Now, the time for action has come. How do you do, what guy, I do not care, I have determined, unsuccessful, will pay the price. "
Day Ziaur Rahman activities schedule is very tight. Shortly after he arrived in the morning Dagestan Dagang convened in the hotel's ruling Nationalist Party, part of the Standing Committee meeting, the meeting continues until 14:00. Then, he met with local celebrities. Evening, he finished the rush job after going to bed to sleep, because he was going the next morning to fly back to Dhaka. under the cover of the storm and the night
3:30, by 16 Mingmansuer cronies officer of commando men traveling in three cars from the 24 division headquarters, went straight to the hotel, they were divided into three a squad: first detachments ambush in the hotel nearby, responsible for cutting off the outside channel; another two detachments sent a rocket launcher to the hotel door to cast a few grenades and some light machine gun fire, to take advantage of the occasion of the smoke burst into the hotel. Second unit quickly occupied the ground floor, then rushed to the second floor of the third unit, killing a guard upstairs. Muti Ur lieutenant colonel took the lead toward the presidential suite, slam the door, in Ziaur Rahman opened the door, the moment, and at close range shot and kill him. (L $ jτ.cń)
data live in a government guesthouse that night Rahman, a senior aide said afterwards: "our president, although small in stature, but he is the most courageous people I have ever met one, he stood up to face the rebels. "
A brief struggle in the homicide, the presidential entourage and security guards 28 casualties, commandos only two wounded.
30 at 5:00 in the morning, the president killed the bad news, now in Dhaka Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Ershad was informed that the notice of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the cabinet ministers and other government leaders. With them to rush to the Army General Hospital, please hospitalized recuperate Vice President Abdul Sattar discharged as Acting President, presided over the work of the government, then in accordance with the constitutional provisions, to hold elections within 180 days, to elect a new president. The of
75-year-old Sattar immediately chaired an emergency meeting of the heads of the cabinet and the three services, to discuss the coup in the situation, decided to adopt the principle of simultaneous political offensives and military pressure on the junta and the rebels to push the internal differentiation of the 24th Division, forced Man Sur surrender.
Army Chief of Staff Arshad deployed its forces on the one hand, plan carefully and prepare to fight back; the one hand, in order to avoid bloodshed, he also issued a radio and television speech, announced the the Chittagong garrison commander Mansour and the other four Brigadier removal from the army, called on rebel forces soldiers to leave Chittagong barracks, to report to the nearest army barracks. He assured: the rebel soldiers surrendered, there will be "completely safe protection.
Arshad speak live via the Dhaka radio stations repeatedly play a powerful political offensive, rebel morale quickly fall apart. May 30 the day of the coup d'état, three corps of the 24th Division has defecting. Artillery Regiment, 305 Brigade troops have also turned against him, the morning of March 31, the government issued ultimatum to the rebels, so that it surrender deadline.
afternoon, the centrifugal tendencies of the junior officers and soldiers of the 24th Division dramatic development, the head of the junta alarmed. Evening, Mansour Contact by telephone to Dhaka Army Headquarters, expressed its willingness to negotiate with the government peace. Army Headquarters categorically rejected the peace talks, and ordered him to unconditional surrender. The leader of the junta, see the hopeless situation, they each began to run the other way. Reference June 1, 2011, at 2 pm, Mansour bring families desperate to flee by car to the mountain Meng, British Burma border, Chittagong. After government forces moved into the Chittagong 500,000 taka (about $ 30,000) reward for detection of rebel leader Mansour - life and death can be. 16:00 Chittagong police in cooperation with the residents the (history TodayOnHistory.com) 40 miles southeast of Chittagong near the Myanmar border, Fathi Charles Village, a captured Mansour in the tea garden. Was arrested along with him a brigadier and a colonel. evening of May 1
6, Mansour was escorted to the barracks of Chittagong, on the spot by a group of irate soldiers killed. At this point, the short-lived coup that began with the assassination of Ziaur Rahman declared a complete failure.

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