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June 7.1956-Weightlifter Chen Jingkai break the world record for the first time

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June 7, 1956 (April 29) Bingshen, weightlifter Chen Jingkai break the world record for the first time. The Chan Jingkai,

Weightlifter Chen Jingkai break the world record for the first time
break the world record "target =" _blank "> Chen Jingkai
in 1956, the Sino-Soviet weightlifting friendly held in Shanghai, Chen Jingkai quite lift 133 kg, breaking the United States athletes maintain 132.5 kg clean and jerk world record of the most lightweight (history TodayOnHistory.com) became the first athlete to break the world record. From that point on, Chen Jingkai has 9 times to break the world record five times won the State Sports Medal of Honor awarded by the Sports Commission May 11, 1987, the IOC Executive Board decided to grant Chen Jingkai Silver Medal
Chen Jingkai hehe record remarkable, however, how he was found, are very Few people are aware that in the end of 1954, the Central South Military Region sports team weightlifting coach Liqi Long is looking for a weightlifter, a friend recommended to him Chen Jingkai At that time, Chen Jingkai left home Shilong Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, built itself a private in Guangzhou Tan Wenbiao the room odd jobs, and leisure practice your fitness, play stone burden.
happened to start this gym is acquaintance of Li Qilong. Liqi Long will be by to find Tan Wenbiao the opportunity to the gym to see Chen Jingkai 19-year-old Chen Jingkai Height only 1.49 meters, legs odd thick, muscular systemic fly in the ointment is the ankle varus when the food supply is relatively tight, Chen mirror meals too often underfed. Tanwen Biao Li Qilong accept Chen Jingkai found him bowl of rice to eat. Thus, Chen Jingkai pulling a dray laden with baggage Central South Military Region, sports team followed Li Qilong came after short-term training, Chen Jingkai participated in the the national weightlifting test held in March 1955 because of his short stature, no suitable for him to wear the clothing had to use the pin will do weightlifting suit from the play, this test only quite lifted 95 kg, even ranking neither was.
Nevertheless, Li Qilong still think Chen Jingkai promising recommend him into the National Weightlifting Team in the National Team, Chen Jingkai training very hard, and the guidance of the former Soviet weightlifting coaches, scores are rising rapidly. finally become the first athlete to break the world record.
in the first times hit the world record (Today in History. cn) Chen mirror opening of confidence more feet up, but then Western countries, some newspapers published articles, (L $ djτ.cōm) Chen Jinghe open the world record is written out, not lifted. (history com) Chen Jingkai very angry, do we hit the world record will not count? him always inspire and spur their own, one day in the international sports arena, foreigners look at our world record is true or false.
opportunity finally to the World Youth Festival weightlifting competition, held in Moscow in August 1957, after the start of the game,, Chen Jingkai body injury, the first two, rounds, held Debu ideal, scores less than the former Soviet Union athletes 15 kg in the clean and jerk 130 kg, when his legs violent cramps, cite success, but he seems a little effort and no host before the game Soviet people, has been linked to their country's flag to the first flagpole. Chen Jingkai heart was deeply stung him to look at the national emblem of the chest, a magical force from the bottom of my heart filled with his calm and firm successfully lifted 140 kg barbell. audience burst into warm applause, the former Soviet Union who host no choice but to take off his flag bright flag rising in the arena. TodayinHistory.cn]
; Later, a reporter asked Chen Jingkai, the power to make you put such a heavy barbell is lifted, he proudly replied: "I held the power of 600 million people up."

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