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June 7.1956-Chen Jingkai break the world record

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June 7, 1956 (April 29) Bingshen, Chen Jingkai break the world record. to open Chen Jinghe,

Chen Jingkai break the world record
, broke the world record "target =" _blank "> Chen Jingkai
Chen Jingkai, 1935 Health Chinese weightlifter. held on June 7, 1956 in Shanghai Sino-Soviet weightlifting Friendly & rdquo ; in a score of 133 kilograms; (History Today www.lssdjt.com) to break the hold of American athletes C-Winky 56kg clean and jerk world record of Chinese athletes to create a world record.
1956 1964 in major domestic and international weightlifting competitions, has nine times the breaking weightlifting bantamweight and featherweight clean and jerk world record is currently the Chairman of the Chinese Weightlifting Association, the National People's Congress. [l djτ.ōrɡ] 1990 the International Olympic Committee awarded him the Olympic bronze medal in recognition of his achievements in weightlifting career,. (lsjt.net)

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