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May 28.1140-China Southern Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji born

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May 28, 1140 May 11 (Gengshen years), China Southern Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji born.

China Southern Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji born
Xin Qiji born "target =" _blank "> in Xin Qiji (1140.5.28-1207.10.3) at the age of 67 years, the Southern Song Dynasty poet original word Tanfu, change the word young Ann, No. Cassino, calendar City (now Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, Yaoqiang town four damper Village). the great bold faction in the history of our country poet, patriot, military strategist and statesman, and Su Shi par, known as "Su Xin together with Qingzhao said "the Jinan two security." Some people praise him: Cassino, among men, the word dragon. Liu Chenweng "Xin Jiaxuan word order," said: "since Xin Jiaxuan before the phrase so who will and hush. & Cassino, anyway Black Man, is such as is the Zen bar drink, the head of all; and if sad Jia Wan drum, and grievance his life?? liquor, Danjue guests and hosts Hearty, talk narrowly words so far also suffice. "
his birth the northern long been the fall in the hands of the Jin Xin praise, his grandfather worked in the Golden State, but has always hoped to have the opportunity to cast Troubles sky to relieve Monarchical irreconcilable anger, and often with ji "long-term perspective, Finger mountains and rivers" ("celery 10 '), Xin witnessed Han Jin ruled by the humiliation and suffering, all this makes his youth, he set to restore the Central Plains, patriotic ambition to avenge the other hand, precisely because of Xin Qi-ji Jin ruled Northern grew up, he is also less affected by people blindly conformist traditional cultural education, a the Yanzhao Sunkist's chivalrous the gas.
successive Hubei, Jiangxi, Hunan, Fujian, eastern Zhejiang Fushi rank him 13 years before the birth, Shandong area that encroachment has Kinbyo, 24-year-old to participate in anti-Jin Yijun soon normalized the Southern Song Dynasty. Shaoxing 31 year (1161) the rate of two thousand people participated in the northern anti-Jin Yijun, and following year Fengbiao owned by the Southern Song Dynasty life insisted the fight against Kinbyo, regain lost ground. has played into the "Meiqin 10 ', analyzing ourselves and the enemy situation, proposed strong Zionist soldiers planning; another on prime minister nine Yee", and further develops the idea of ​​"Meiqin 10'; neither adopted and purposes. around took office he seriously get rid of the long-standing abuse, and actively prepare for war, they are tired and have been capitulators constraints, even by the dismissals, in the the Jiangxi Shangrao area long-term homebound. retrocession native country of great ambition not cast cavity loyalty and indignation hair for the word, its unique word style is known as "Cassino body. created the Southern Song Ci arena and generation. its words ebullient, generous tragic. the pen strong force, diverse artistic styles to uninhibited. Cassino Short Sentence and the people today Ser Xin Jiaxuan poetry Wenchao memory. (? v history today?? com)

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