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January 15.1949-Tianjin liberation

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January 15, 1949 (the twelfth lunar month 17) Lunar Tianjin liberation.

Tianjin liberation
Tianjin liberation
Tianjin liberation
Tianjin liberation
People's Liberation Army Artillery street fighting in Tianjin
1949 January 15, 2010, the People's Liberation Army captured Tianjin. (Today in History www.TodayOnHistory.com) in the second phase of the Beiping-Tianjin Campaign, CPC Northeast Field main 22 infantry divisions and artillery columns and other 34 people in the case of Tianjin Kuomintang garrison refused to surrender, to take something on into sliced, the first split to surround and annihilate the methods of warfare, on the 3rd of this month to begin sweeping Tianjin peripheral stronghold of fighting, the general attack on the city wall on the 14th. After 29 hours of fierce fighting, wipe out the defenders, more than 130,000 people, captured Kuomintang Tianjin Garrison Command, Lieutenant commander Chen Changjie, Major General deputy commander Qiuzong Ding, the sixty second army generals Long Lin Wei-chou, the eighty-sixth Army in General Liu Chao-level officers and 29, as well as Tianjin long Tu Chien when. January 15 (on com) People's Liberation Army District military control committee was set up, Huang Kecheng director, Tan Zheng, HUANG Jing, deputy director at the same time, the Tianjin Municipal People's Government to set up Wong King-mayor, Zhang Youyu The deputy mayor. (History www.lssdjt.com) the captured
Tianjin Garrison Commander Chen Changjie
Liberation Army Tianjin into the city the ceremony
Tianjin long Wong King

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