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June 6.1644-Qing Eight Banners Army under the command of the Core Prince Dorgon arrive in Beijing

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June 6, 1644 (Jiashen May, the first two days), the Qing Eight Banners Army, under the command of the Core Prince Dorgon arrived in Beijing.

Li Zicheng Shanhaiguan After their defeat, to retreat into Beijing. June
1644, Li Zicheng Wu Yingdian Teng pole became the emperor. June 4, Li Zicheng ordered burned Forbidden City palace gate tower, led by the Dashun farmers Army to withdraw from Beijing.
6, the Qing Eight Banners Army under the command of the Core Prince Dorgon reach the east of Beijing's Tongzhou City.
6 (Ming Chong reconnaissance seventeen years on the second day of the month May), the Eight Banners Army into the the Chaoyangmen people Forbidden City. Dorgon kneel welcome former civil and military officials of the Ming dynasty out of town five miles away. Then, Dorgon life Hyobu Chuanxi world each liter one: Dressed Jiangshun, local officials; Therefore, Ming kings allegiance, not wins its MG; various bureaucratic officials with business as usual hiring.
6, the Qing court ordered the Government and the people of the Ming Chong Zhen Emperor mourning. After making the mausoleum line funeral for thinking Mausoleum. June 11, Fukuo Zhu Song throne in Nanjing. In October,
1644, in Beijing, Qing the generation ancestor AIXINJUELUO Fulin Guji heaven and earth were community, that the emperor, "Xiao Yue Qing, Dingding Yanjing, Jiyuan Shun governance".

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