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June 6.1799-Russian poet Pushkin's birthday

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May (Kang Xi fourth day), Russian poet Pushkin's birthday, June 6, 1799.

1799, Pushkin's birthday, the Russian poet and the founder of realism "target =" _blank "> Pushkin was born in an aristocratic family in Moscow.
Pushkin since childhood, intelligence, love of literature, seven, eight years old when they learn to write poetry at the age of 12, Pushkin into Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo school at the age of 15, as a high school student, he wrote an article entitled "To the friends" Shigao sent by the famous poet Zhukovsky editor of the the "Europa Herald." This poem Caiqihengyi, Zhukovsky great appreciation, to be published immediately, to Tsarskoye Selo school and personally visit the "juvenile wit to access came back Zhukovsky passionately immediately poet friends άÑÇÈüķ˹»ù letter, the letter said: "It is the hope of our poetry, we must unite to help the future genius grow together He will certainly be more than all of us. "1820, 21-year-old Pushkin, his first long narrative poem" Ruslan Lyudmila "immediate shock of the Russian literary Zhukovsky joy gave him a photo Photo wrote: "donated victory Students. failed teacher gifts."
Zhukovsky called Bole, Pushkin is a literary genius He lived only 38 years old, in his short lifetime, he left a very rich literary heritage to mankind. Romantic narrative poem "Gypsies" verse novel "Ye Fu Gainey ¡¤ Onegin short Novel "postmaster", medium-length historical novel "The Captain's Daughter" and lyric poems, has long been familiar to the peoples of the world. revolutionary teachers Marx "Evgeny Onegin" very interested, take it as their own learning Russian textbooks.

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