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June 6.1916-Yuan Shikai died

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June 6, 1916 (hare on May sixth days), Yuan Shikai died. generation of dignity Yuan Shikai,

Yuan Shikai died
Yuan Shikai died
Yuan Shikai died
Yuan Shikai died
Yuan Shikai died
died "target =" _blank "> Yuan Shikai In June 1916, the the northern warlords chief Yuan Shikai died. (? v history today?? com) Yuan Shikai, word comfort Pavilion, but also for comfort tribunal alias volume of Um. Henanxiangcheng people. born in 1859 (Qing Xianfeng years). early years should lad try, not the younger brother, cast Huai Army generals Wu Changqing (lssjt.cn) 1882 (Guangxu eight) with Wu into North Korea, returning home in 1894 during the first term representative of the Prime Minister to negotiate the Tsusho matters "in the DPRK, and was granted Zhejiang temperature at Road (L $ djτ.cōm) In 1895 in Tianjin station to train a new army. 1898 1898 Movement betrayed reformers, to obtain the favor of the Empress Dowager, the following year liter governor of Shandong, the brutal suppression of the Boxer when the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China in 1900, participated in the imperialist planning southeast of mutual insurance. following year following Li Hongzhang the Zhili Governor and the Northern Minister, the then Chief military training at will do the minister so on. organize a "New Deal" of the machine by means of the Qing court, the expansion of the Northern Army for six towns, built the the the basic Armed Forces of the Northern Warlords Group. tune military minister in 1907, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs chancery. early 1909 by the Prince Regent Zai Feng dismiss the outbreak of the the
1911 Revolution, the complex from the Prime Minister. support by virtue of the Northern forces and imperialism Revolutionary Party so that the right side stress, side hijack the Qing emperor abdicated stolen post of provisional president of the Republic of China, to establish the joint dictatorship of the landlord and comprador regime of the Northern Warlords. (history cn)
office in Beijing, Republic of China, the second session of the Provisional President of the Yuan Shikai
1913 sent people to assassinate Song, launched a civil war and the aftermath of large borrowers, seizing by force by the revolutionaries control region. then dissolve the parliament, tampering about law, under the dictatorial. accept the Japanese attempt perish China "twenty-one" in May 1915, announced in December that changed the following year for Hongxian first year, prepare proclaimed himself emperor. [l $ jτ . cń] such as Cai E to protect the country and the war was launched in Yunnan, and widely response, March 22, 1916 was forced to cancel the monarchy. rotating in the National People's denouncing apprehension and died.
Yuan Shikai's funeral funeral team on the way to the Beijing Railway Station
Yuan Shikai after the death of a president, Li Yuan-hung as Feng Guozhang Vice President, Prime Minister in Duan Beijing regime.
Fig. Duan cabinet members: (from right) Cao Rulin, Liu Guanxiong Lu Cheng-hsiang, Duan money training paragraph Chi Zhu deep, the Fu Xiang
Beiyang government in Henanxiangcheng for Yuan Shikai built luxury mausoleum

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