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June 7.1848-Russian literary critic Belinsky's death

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June 7, 1848 (, May Shigenobu In seventh day), the Russian literary critic Belinsky's death. This was Belinsky's death "target =" _blank "> the portrait

Russian literary critic Belinsky's death
Belinsky Belinsky Born Siwei A Fort City, his father a former Military Medical
1829 years to enter the language department of the Moscow State University, in 1831 wrote an expose serfdom screenplay "Dmitry Ka Lining expelled by the school authorities. contributor to" telescope "and" Zatan reported in 1833. 1834 published the first literary papers "literary fantasy (lssdjt.cn) 1838, he served as the Moscow Observer magazine editor, journal ceased operation in the following year, moved to St. Petersburg, presided the" motherland Chronicle magazine Literary Criticism bar. just a few years, a lot of work on many important phenomena in Russian cultural life comments to St. Petersburg, he experienced a revolutionary democratic transition from idealism to materialism, from the Enlightenment to take the negative attitude of the serf system in the concept of "art" (1841), "criticized the speech" (1842), "Alexander Pushkin Portfolio" (1843) and many other papers, abandoned the previous the artistic point of view, idealism, the essence of art is to reproduce reality, "Art is a replication of reality, which the task of art is not to modify and beautify the living, but to show the actual look of the living", as well as "typifying the literary point of view of the creation of a basic law", the founder of Russian realism literary theory and literary criticism. leave the "motherland Chronicle" in 1846, presided over literary criticism in the "modern" magazine column, so that the magazine to become Russia's most advanced ideological position. abroad for medical treatment in 1847, he wrote a famous letter to Gogol Back in the fall of Petersburg, continue to literary work, June 7, 1848 's death.

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