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June 7.1916-Cruiser sank Jiqin Na Lord victims.

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June 7, 1916 (hare on May seventh day), the the cruiser sank Jiqin Na Lord victims. the Lord

Cruiser sank Jiqin Na Lord victims.
Ji Qinna in Gallipoli
, 1916, the most senior officer of the British armed forces (lsjt.net) Jiqin Na Lord victims died. evening of
6 Hampshire cruiser hit a mine near Orkney Islands or been torpedoed sank, no survivors. He is riding Hampshire cruiser to Russia in order to improve the deteriorating morale. The news of the whole of London paralyzed, Paris and Washington were shocked.
Jiqin Na for the British Empire in the past half-century, and bustle. In Palestine, (history, the 66-year-old Ji Qinna com) Cyprus, (history com) Egypt, (history com) Sudan, (on com) in South Africa and India commander of the army. Two years ago, as the Minister of the Army.

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