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June 7.1933-Chang Kuo-tao Liansha Red Fourth Army senior leaders

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June 7, 1933 (May 15) 癸酉, the tao Liansha the Red Fourth Army senior leaders.

Chang Kuo-tao Liansha Red Fourth Army senior leaders
Kuang Jixun killed in Tongjiang County, Sichuan Hung mouth field
1933 summer, the tao again in the Red Fourth Army "revolutionaries", I Benedict three Kuang Jixun The Shu Yuzhang has been killed.
I Benedict III, in December 1930 by the CPC Central Committee delegation to the fourth Zhengwei, Eyuwan revolutionary base any of the Chinese Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army. February of the following year, he was elected a member of the CPC Henan, Anhui Recorders. In May of the same year, the tao to Eyuwan Fourth Red Army carried out the integration, he was transferred to the Red eleven division political commissar, general manager at the Director, he served as Red Fourth Army.
Kuang Jixun, Early into rhubarb, had seven mixed brigades, head Renchuan Jun JiangFang Army, on behalf of Brigadier. June 1929 rate the seventh the mixed brigades Sichuan Pengxi uprising, any Red Army Sichuan Army commander. Successive Fourth Red Army commander and vice chairman of the Revolutionary Military Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Eyuwan the red twenty-five Corps rank Sichuan Red Fourth Army, former Chairman of the Provisional Revolutionary Committee of Sichuan and Shaanxi Province. the
Shu Yu Zhang, graduated on 10 non-commissioned officers school, after returning into the Whampoa Military Academy, took part in the Northern Expedition. After-deployed by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Henan, Anhui Revolutionary Base, a former Red Army Director of the Office of the General Staff of the Fourth Front.

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