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June 7.1951-Dunhuang Cultural Relics Research Institute by awards

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Third May (辛卯,), June 7, 1951, the Institute of Dunhuang relics by the awards. of

1951, the the Dunhuang relics Institute staff by awards, a move the government to encourage the protection and finishing cultural heritage. [TodayinHistory.cn]
7, the Government Administration Council Culture and Education Committee held at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in recognition of the General Assembly, in recognition of the Dunhuang researchers eight years in hardship conditions in G painted murals of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and research results significant since the Northern Wei Sui and Tang of China the Millennium Cultural Heritage all the power of protection. The same time, the Cabinet approved the request of the Ministry of Culture, increased funding and equipment of the Dunhuang Cultural Relics Research Institute, the expansion of the Institute's establishment, and to make the cultural relics department of the Ministry of Culture to to protect Mogao plan formulated in conjunction with the

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