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June 7.1970-British writer Edward Foster's death

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June 7, 1970, the fourth day of May (Gengxu years), the British writer Edward Foster died. Edward Morgan Forster,

British writer Edward Foster's death
British writer Edward Foster's death
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carefully considered before the trip to Italy or India Tourism you bring a blessing Manchester's novels. Although probably written 40 years ago, but it will be a completely modern travel guides, because it captures the timeless rhythm and passion of this region.
Foster June 1970 , died in England at age 91. his book "the view from the room" and "India" reveals the different cultural conflict arising from the tension and the consequent joy. skeptical people (whether they like it whether cultural or not) can really mutual understanding. "only to communicate with each other," he said, point to "be able to truly mutual understanding."
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