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June 7.1981-Israel's bombing of Iraq's nuclear facilities

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June 7, 1981 (, yau May sixth days), Israel's bombing of Iraq's nuclear facilities.

1981, Israeli aircraft brazenly blew up a nuclear reactor in Iraq. As early as 1959, Iraq intends to build nuclear reactors. It had signed an agreement with the Soviet Union, plans to build a small, simple equipment, nuclear reactors, but little progress has been made for a long time. Since the 1970s, the Iraqi economy has made great progress, in order to speed up the pace of construction in Iraq to Western European countries seeking advanced nuclear technology to develop its own nuclear industry.
Iraq signed nuclear cooperation agreements with France, Italy and Brazil co while repeatedly explicitly announced that it is developing nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Iraq to participate in the international nonproliferation treaty, signed in 1968. The Uzzi Mubarak nuclear reactors by the International Atomic Energy Agency control. In January this year, the agency inspected reactor in Iraq, allegedly found not complying with the activities of the international nonproliferation treaty in 1968. (? V history today?? Com)
Israel to maintain their nuclear superiority in the Middle East, has been to Iraq's nuclear facilities as a thorn in the side, doing everything possible to destroy the hatred destroyed and eradicated.
1980, the delivery of F-16 fighter-bombers to Israel. Uzzi Mubarak, which makes nuclear reactor in the Israeli Air Force bombing range within. In the autumn of the same year, Menachem organized a few cabinet members to participate in the panel (including air force commander and intelligence chief), the activities of planning to destroy the Iraqi nuclear reactor. Its code name "Babylon action. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)
for the implementation of this plan, Menachem selected group of pilots, and a rich combat experience of Captain ringleader. The composition of the team, top secret Air Force Base in Xinaiqiai Weng training and exercises.
the first phase of the training, the desert along the border of Jordan and Saudi Arabia for the long cross flight, so physically and technically adapt Desert unmarked to follow over the long-distance flight. Test the blind spot on the Jordan and Saudi radar defense what route to fly to Baghdad in order to plan how to not be stationed in Saudi Arabia, the U.S. airborne early warning aircraft reconnaissance systems to detect.
the second phase of the training is the the compact formation flying over in Israel, and to design a flying image, able to make more than 1000 km long flight the other air defenses figure out what aircraft, as some aircraft flying at a low altitude, some aircraft fly some aircraft together into a string even reflect on the radar screen, like commercial aircraft images.
last for bombing training. Several concrete models like the Iraqi nuclear reactor in the Negev desert, the aircraft of these models for repeated experimental bombing, in order to determine how to effectively and accurately to blow up a nuclear reactor. To this end, the Israeli intelligence services to try to figure out the the nuclear reactor cement thickness of the outer layer ", the exact composition of the cement, the day-to-day activities of to control reactor foreign technicians law, arrival and departure time of workplaces situation. [Today in History cn]
action time after several changes, finalized in the afternoon of June 7, dusk before and after. The cover of six F-15 fighters, eight F-16 fighter-bombers bombed. Every bombers with two 2000 pounds of bombs, eight bombers with a total of 16 tons of TNT, all aircraft with missiles, refueling tank. Fleet flying low along the border with Jordan and Saudi Arabia, to avoid airborne early warning aircraft radar scan. Before entering Iraq, the Arab air defense forces to detect, nationality when the pilot answered in fluent Arabic, swindle words Jordanian aircraft for flight training; answered in English, pretend that they are commercial aircraft. In this way, Israeli aircraft muddle later. In 18:30, the fleet assigned to the Datta Moods study center. Cover over the F-15, F-16 at the target from an altitude of 2000 feet, one after the other dive bombing, within two minutes, all 16 tons of explosives and throwing down the reactor blew up. But few casualties, because that day is Sunday, the foreign experts are resting only stay in there a Frenchman were killed, Israel is used to guide the bomb, they are able to strike a prospective target. (L $ jτ.cń)
It is estimated that, if the French are willing to help to repair the reactor, the use of at least a year and a half. Israeli aircraft in Baghdad, were subjected to intensive anti-aircraft fire shooting, but was not hit. Iraqi interceptor is not mobilized to defend nuclear plant Soviet-made SAM-6 surface-to-air missiles did not launch. The Israeli aircraft via Jordan to return to the base between Tel Aviv and Bierxieba,. The whole operation was carried out in the utmost secrecy case.
said when Menachem Begin announced to the members of the Cabinet Israeli aircraft are to fly to Iraq to perform tasks, innocent of cabinet members also thought he was wrong to Syria as Iraq.

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