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June 7.1998-Cartoon "Mulan" swept the United States

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June 7, 1998 (May 13) Tiger years, the animated film "Mulan" is popular in the United States. ancient heroine

Cartoon "Mulan" swept the United States
Cartoon "Mulan" swept the United States
Cartoon "Mulan" swept the United States
Cartoon "Mulan" swept the United States
Cartoon "Mulan" swept the United States
one disguised as a man, a modern art style the vigorously girl image, along with the Great Wall of China, the palace, the ancient battlefield, off the dragon and distant oriental culture, so 1998 amazing year in June, the U.S. film industry. This is the Disney Company launched the animated film "Mulan" swept "target =" _blank "> Mulan (Mulan), countless American audience in contact with the ancient Chinese legend this epic taste and marvel Videos demonstrate the splendor of the ancient Chinese civilization.
Mulan's story drawn from the Northern and Southern folk songs masterpiece "Mulan" Disney Company and American artists for its unique vision, China for thousands of years a household legend metamorphosis have all elements of popular culture, to be popular in the United States.
"Mulan" since June 19 reached $ 23 million in the nation's premiere three-day weekend box office record, second only to the box office receipts of $ 31 million hanging suspected Technology film "X-Files" it is "word of mouth" a film produced by Disney in the past five years, in fact, "Mulan" premiered three days at the box office over its launch in July 1997 "Hercules" and premiered in June 1996, "the hunchback of Notre Dame from the east coast of New York's Metropolitan [L $ djτ.cōm] to the San Francisco Bay Area, the West Bank," Mulan "premiere weekend in every family cinema led to queuing queue, just primary and secondary school students on summer vacation and as people flock to race preview, Mulan! Mulan! "exclaimed voices. almost 90% of the audience to give the new movie highly appreciated by the children after reading most of the excitement that would like to look at - immediately look at this can be seen (Lssdjt.com) "Mulan" glamor and sensationalism.
$ 100 million dollars, effort and intelligence to complete the last two years, gathering more than 700 artists, "Mulan", the first cartoon produced by the Disney company since 1937 animated film "Snow White" after 36, and 9 the female protagonist of the Disney cartoon, is Disney's first
ancient Chinese folk tales into contemporary popular movie and entertainment culture, the mainstream media of the Silicon Valley San Jose Mercury News said: & ldquo ; American Chinese people adapt to mainstream society 150 years later, the animated film "Mulan" on behalf of the mainstream society found something to learn from the Chinese culture. "
only 200 years of the history of the United States and its younger film and cultural workers are aware of, and found inspiration from the legend of an ancient civilization in the world, the material is of great benefit, not only to make the movie make more historical, cultural heritage, its mysterious legendary vividness young and old into pop culture boutique should make many Disney cartoon examples of this is the "Aladdin's Magic Lamp", "Beauty and the Beast," "The Lion King", "Cinderella", "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves "...... a masterpiece, and now Disney's vision aimed at the Chinese, so" Mulan "swept the nation, the reality of the Chinese culture and his relish can be said that the ancient Chinese legend of the Disney cartoon inject new vitality and life.
"Sheng Helan Mercury News also revealed two facts: Almost overnight, the nation's" McDonald's fast-food restaurants doll gift for children's Happy Meals are replaced lovely image of Mulan, this wave of business sense, they had actually cultural penetration factors and is bound to nurture in children's role.
Disney Company Promotions another brilliant idea of ​​the new movie, the figure skating world champion in women's figure skating in the 1998 Winter Olympic Games runner-up Michelle Kwan to Mulan heroic vitality appearance, in the ice dance interpretation of the ancient legend, played other roles, including many American skating players and World Series medalist Michelle Kwan with. The special program broadcast on the ABC television in the United States, its momentum and attract is self-evident. Michelle Kwan won popularity due to her outstanding performance in the skating community and a better image in the American public, but also of many young teen idols, Disney to Michelle Kwan's ice Mulan Mulan animation flower campaign, really clever very.


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