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June 8.0927-Ma Yin Jianli state of Chu

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June 8 (on May sixth days of the Chinese New Year), 927 Ma Yin Jianli state of Chu.

Ma Yin Jianli state of Chu "target =" _blank "> Ma Yin (852-930), the word tyrants Figure Xu State Yanling people. less for woodworking, you should raise the army, followed Qin were right to the Ministry of the SUN De Yangzhou transferred from Do the Liu Jianfeng took it the Tanzhou (now Changsha, Hunan Province). the
896 years, Jianfeng for the men killed by main (the L $ dj¦Ó.§«§§T) Ma Yin pushed the Tang Ren Tan prefectural governor, According to the Hunan with its neighbors Miss World enemy Wuzhu Yang line the secret to Zunwang (Tang Dynasty) Route Expeditionary (Back Rest) called for high-Yu, Ma Yin seek the Lord advised him to beam tribute to concede defeat and knighted. (history today. cn)
907 years, the the rear spar sealed AUTHOR 'Chu.
927 years, Later Tang closure AUTHOR' King of Chu. RATES subject canonized, June 8 (26) after the Tang Tiancheng early May 2002 the formal establishment of the state of Chu , are Changsha. the ritual system modeled after the emperor built the palace, home Baiguan, just the name changed slightly, said not on the court. trick high Yu Central Plains, Takahiro truce interest-China Hunan State of Chu become wealthy off land Ma Yin indulge in sex, philosophers Jiaoshe resourceful throne. (on TodayOnHistory.com)
930 AUTHOR dead, testament philosophers, brothers in succession , Chu.
951 years the Southern Tang Dynasty destroyed.

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