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June 8.1505-The Ming Xiaozong Zhu? Tang died of illness, "Hongzhi ZTE" end

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In (Yi Chou May seventh day), June 8, 1505, the Ming Xiaozong Zhu? 樘 died of illness, "Hongzhi ZTE" end. the

The Ming Xiaozong Zhu? Tang died of illness, "Hongzhi ZTE" end
Ming Xiaozong Zhu? tang (chēng) (1470, July 30, 2011 -1505 years 8th) the ninth emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the third son of Kenso emperor, mother Hyo Mu Ji Queen Mother . The reign, diligent in the conduct of public affairs, good governance, get rid of the intrauterine a traitor, appointing upright Xian Chen Wang Shu, Liu big summer, so the Ming Dynasty again ZTE Saatchi. Known as the Hongzhi ZTE illness untimely death at the age of 36 years old. Tailing posthumous name was buried up to dawn Daochun the of Cheng Chung Cheng San the Man God Wuzhi Ren Dade King Emperor. Chuan bit Xiaozong after the death of Prince Zhu thick according Ming Takemune.
the Ming Xiaozong Zhu? tang is a mid-Ming Ren Jun. His childhood is very unfortunate. His mother Ji's Guangxi Ji surname chieftain's daughter, after the the Ji surname rebellion subsided, the girls Gibbs was taken to the Royal Palace. Ji's dignified, intelligent, is selected within Seodang in learning, and then sent fully built care Royal classics. Kenso Zhu see deep into the built-in room, asked Gibbs Ji's neither overbearing nor answer let Kenso very satisfied, Kenso Linxing Gibbs Gibbs on this pregnancy. At that time the palace is the most favored older Kenso 17-year-old Wan chaise, her somewhat spoiled, do whatever they want. All concubines as a thorn in the side for fear that others rivalry. Million chaise learned the odalisque was Lin Xing is now pregnant with abortion drug to the prefect's eat then ordered the results sent to the people of good heart only let her eat a little bit, not abortion, but Xiaozong congenital poor physical is likely to be associated with these. Although somewhat spoiled Wan's occupation of the harem, but a lot of well-intentioned maids and eunuchs care of poor discipline's, million chaise crowding destroy Wu the Queen also help feed the baby. Gibbs finally safely in ward gave birth to Prince Zhu? Tang, and 5-year-old has been secretly raising.
eunuch, Miss Cheung Man once Kenso comb Kenso see their gray hair can not help but exclaim: "veteran Zhiyi, sub. Zhang Min quickly bowed to the ground, said: "Long live the son. Zhu see deep surprise, busy questioning whether, Zhang Min say the truth. Zhu see deep know what was going on, overjoyed, immediately sent someone to pick up his son. Gibbs cuddle own flesh and blood, broke down in tears, asked Zhu? Tang Road: "my child was gone, I would not have survived. You see wearing a yellow robe child, long beard, and that is your father. "And then to his son put a small red robe, long watched him sit on a small chair, to recognize their biological father. Zhu? Jamb in this case has been a long six years old, due to the long confinement, has not been cut before lanugo, long hair loose on the ground. When Zhu see deep for the first time to see their own emaciated son, could not help but burst into tears, hugged him and quickly, so he sat in my lap, affectionately stroking steadily into repeatedly said: "This is the son of I, looks just like I. "The second year, Zhu? Tang is registered as the crown prince then Ji's violent death, eunuchs, Miss Cheung Man committed suicide by swallowing gold. (1 $ djτ.cōm)
and Obviously, Ji Fei Chang, who died are million concubine persecution. Zhu see deep mother Week Queen Mother worried million chaise be Zhu? Tang lay violent hands on himself the grandson adopt a child in the Renshou officer, that that Prince's live safely in the palace. However, Prince Zhu? Tang of the place and not be stabilized. Once, Wan chaise Please Zhu? Tang to dinner, Dowager Zhou told: "Do not you go eat. "So his dinner really does not stick any food, only said he had enough. When the Palace people Pengshang soups, young Zhu? Tang thought: finished, the phrase did not teach ah! Thought for a moment, he said: "I'm afraid toxic!" Wan chaise both scared and angry, in one fell swoop collapsed , coma, shouted: "This child was old to the future, do not eat me!"
Since then, 10,000 chaise a change in control of Zhu see deep harem life, so he went to Lin Xing harem concubine , concubines were pregnant could be born many concubine gave birth to a prince, the prince slowly grew. So Wan's Zhu see every day in the deep ear that the Prince's how bad, let him change legislation other Prince. Zhu see deep Wan chaise has always toe, there will be a replacement of the meaning of the Prince, and immediately begin preparations, although the ministers strongly opposed to argue, but this did did not affect Zhu see deep for Prince determination. This time, God helped Zhu? Tang legitimate things palace for Gaiyi Prince Edward bickered, Tarzan earthquake, Taishan is the symbol of the crown prince, a singular Sky, ministers immediately memorialized "God has been warning The Stand Prince's bound to cause unrest. Zhu see deep devout Buddhist, this time serving soft hearts fear, so ordered Prince things Reconsideration waste, Zhu? Tang's position has then been able to stabilize.
Maybe This multi difficult childhood to increase his understanding of society and life, grew out of his abilities, to exercise his will with other peers, he seemed precocious. It is said that when the mother died Zhu? Tang, while only six years old, but sorrow Mu Rucheng people. Historians say, Zhu Ming Xiaozong? Tang Christine Ren and frugal, willing to take advice. ", While rarely daughter's son, the sexual habits arrogance Yi Wan Cheng of the statue, seeking congenial fast Chi has over evil smell & rdquo ; vices, the formation of such a personality probably also have a certain relationship with his childhood life experiences. the Jun Zhu
Wenhua sages? tang as the crown prince, Zhu see deep very focused on his training and education. When he was nine years old, he began to "unmarried give lectures, to accept more stringent education. Reading in Mandarin apse, teacher education were cultured with the deep of the persons, Peng Hua, Mrs Cheng Minzheng et al. Lecture-year-old unmarried 18-year-old throne, Zhu? Tang whole received a a very regular nine-year education.
In addition, Zhu? tang in the palace have also received a lot of people's education, said that the palace eunuchs Tan Ji a great influence on him. When he was nine years old, Tan Kyrgyzstan to him every day dictated Zhu Xi's "Four Books Zhangju. In this regard, the "Ming Dynasty" gave high marks: "Hongzhi of the world, political mellowing, Jun Germany Qingming, end this Zhengshi, Kyrgyzstan powerful Yan!" Dual education in the palace and the outer court, young of Zhu? tang has a vast knowledge, but also has a wide range of hobbies and interests, especially like poetry, painting, playing piano, and attainments in these areas. His five volumes of poetry has been included in the "Ming Dynasty" Ming and Qing famous scholar Qian Qianyi also write your own column toward poetry collection he's a "quiet Yin": "Xi The static Tiaoyuan raise this body, this body unharmed that naive. Zhoujia Yanguang 800 Zuo, boat safety in the right people. " (Lsjt.net)
Chenghua 23 years (1487) Kenso emperor died, Prince Zhu? The tang throne, to Ming Xiaozong, also known as the Hongzhi Emperor, the enlightened emperor of the Ming Dynasty, a. Throne Xiaozong chase posthumous mother Shufei for filial Mu Empress Dowager, and tomb it moved Maoling Fu Huang buried to a separate Fengci temple worship. Soon eunuch Find in Guilin to the Queen Mother left track. The original Tang sister officers and soldiers Abduction charge Beijing has been passing west of bull Yamashita Kocha Um the (now Dongan Road) Xiesu, freshen up at the foot of the mountain springs pool. Chu? Tang smell outs, they decreed Kocha Um renamed Our Lady Temple, this spring pool named for Our Lady of the pool, and instructed the official Seiko built, and sent envoys to Guiling built the Queen Mother's ancestors grave, in Guilin built Jongmyo to commemorate own Yao mother. octahedral stone carving along Tseng Lan Jixiang Rui beast, illustrations, and there was the common name of "gossip wells, because of the incident the Empress Dowager, the construction of the pool like a pool surprisingly similar wells, building, stay
Our Lady of pool mouth under all sorts of mysterious. The pool was well-shaped, diameter of 2.30 meters, 7.3 meters deep, up and down six, all articles stacked stone puzzle, from top to bottom, is divided into octahedral. Pool abdomen is slightly open, now bottom of the well water is sewage, can not drink, the wall of the borehole wall and often well a huge difference.
during the reign of the implementation of a set of sensible political measures. Rectify the official: sycophants who Kenso cronies minister all Chizhu to. So the board of civil chancery Wanan, the Ministry of Rites assistant minister Lee Niyaz Province, monks following the dawn, etc., or kill, or demoted, expelled from the capital; banished felon lighter Demotion, or exiled frontier, or Xiaoling Division incense. A large number of hired integrity wise and competent people. At the same time, more law system, the reconsideration salt method, a leather waste should maladministration, more politically, the ruling and opposition parties praise, called Koji ZTE. the the political aisle major
Xiaozong measure is vigorously water conservancy and agricultural development, economic prosperity. May Hongzhi 2002 (1489), (L $ djτ.cōm) Kaifeng Yellow River burst, Xiaozong life left assistant minister of the Ministry of white Aung collar Shuji 50,000. Koji five years (1492), Susong blockage of river channels, flooded. Xiaozong the fate and Industry assistant minister Xu consistent presided governance, which took nearly three years to completion. Since then, Susong eliminate flooding, and once again become the land of plenty. reign of 18 years
Xiaozong between officialdom Ching Ming, Ren Yin enable inhibition of courtiers, diligent Works governance, promote conservation, rest with the people, is rare in the Ming Dynasty historical economic prosperity, the peacetime people live and work in peace and contentment. The reuse Li Dongyang, Xie moved to Liu and other famous minister, of its trio Cabinet visibility after Zhu Di period of three Yang Cabinet. But Xiaozong neglect Wubei military glory, the northern trouble on the frontier did not take any strong measures. The Emperor Ming Xiaozong a great emperor in Chinese history! Because he is not only the Ming Dynasty ZTE enlightened ruler, to take various measures to reduce the taxes of the people of the corvee, this has been the decline of the Ming Dynasty revived again, but only in Chinese history practice of gender equality emperor of practical action, because of the tragedy of the mother to let him deeply emperor has Sannomiya six homes hazards his life only to marry a Zhang Queens, not seal chaise, beauty, lived almost the same as the ordinary people's married life , as one has the supreme authority of the emperor, this really extraordinary general.
due to congenital infirmity, Xiaozong early May Hongzhi eighteen years on the 7th (June 8, 1505) died in the Palace of Heavenly Purity, aged 36 years. Respect posthumous built dawn Road sincere pure Chung Cheng San Man God Wuzhi Ren Dade King Emperor. Bearing the name Xiaozong funeral Beijing Changping Tailing. Xiaozong death, "the mountains poor Valley, smell are all sorrow, crying earthquake wild.

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