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June 8.1529-The outbreak of a major religious war in the Middle Ages - Capel war

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Third May (Jichou,), June 8, 1529, the outbreak of a major religious wars of the Middle Ages - Capel war. The war is

Capel the Swiss religious reform movement outbreak of war. Five states in Swiss soil confederation of Catholic Lucerne, Uri, spin Horowitz, Unterwalden and Zug alliance to prevent the Zurich state condominium territory Upload fabric Protestant.
Therefore, June 8, 1529 Zurich states of this Union crusade, warring soon the Capel monastery on June 26, 1529 in a ceasefire agreement. According to the agreement, to profess the Catholic the states admitted condominium Territory freedom of religious belief.
but later they found high mandatory Protestant the Zurich state condominium Territory Tours, so suddenly in October 1531 to the Zurich state to wage war. (Lsjt.net)
October 11, in Capel defeated the army of Zurich Pradesh Protestant leaders Zwingli killed.

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