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June 8.1967-The death of the anti-Japanese champion Jiang Guangnai of

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In started May (DingWei,), June 8, 1967, anti-Japanese champion Jiang Guangnai of death. The Jiang Guangding

The death of the anti-Japanese champion Jiang Guangnai of
, the word awaken course. Born in 1887. Guangdong Dongguan people.
Baoding Military Academy graduation. Former KMT 19th Route Army commander, Songhu garrison commander. January 28, 1932, invading Japanese army invaded Shanghai, led his troops to resist. He served as chairman of the Fujian Provincial Government Chief appeasement Director. (TodayinHistory.cn) 1933 11 with Lee Ji Ju Chen Ming-Shu, Cai Tingkai in Fuzhou established the People's Revolutionary Government of the Republic of China, the Economic Committee, go to Hong Kong after the failure. the joint 19th Route Army generals energized Chiang Kai-shek,
1935 advocated linked against the Japanese. The victory of the war, he served as KMT seventh theater to deputy commander Executive. 1946 to participate in the sponsoring organizations of the Chinese Kuomintang Democratic Foundation.
1949 to attend the first plenary session of the Chinese People's Government Consultative Meeting. After the founding of a former Minister of the Ministry of Textile Industry, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Standing Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang Central Standing Committee. June 8, 1967 and passed away in Beijing.

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