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June 8.1986-Waldheim was elected president of Austria easily

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(Bingyin May, the first two days), June 8, 1986, Waldheim was elected president of Austria easily.

Waldheim was elected president of Austria easily
Waldheim was elected president of Austria easily
Waldheim was easily elected President of Austria "target =" _blank "> Waldheim In June 1986, [Lssdjt.com] the Kurt - Val Dehai Salim surprisingly a majority of the elected term of office is six years President of Austria The victory was the sound of the allegations of the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, said that during World War II (history today. com) he tens of thousands of Greek Jews sent to Nazi death camps, part of the German army openly declared. the Socialist Party
Waldheim opponent Kurt - Shitai Le Dr., (lssjt.cn) he thinks anti-Waldheim movement launched by the World Jewish Association actually be counter-productive, in the hearts of the people of Austria, sparking an anti-Semitism.
Waldheim in his victory speech, accused the World Jewish Association manipulate a propaganda campaign against him, but he also pointed out that this does not mean that the world Jewish nation Association who the Austrian presidential mainly plays a symbolic role, the ideal symbol of national reunification. His election is undoubtedly of the world from the divisive
Waldheim easily elected the Austrian President "target =" _blank "> Waldheim

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