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January 17.1995-Japan's Kobe earthquake

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(Awake the twelfth lunar month 17), January 17, 1995, a major earthquake in Japan's Kobe. the Japan Mitsubishi Bank building in post-earthquake

Japan's Kobe earthquake
Japan's Kobe earthquake
Japan's Kobe earthquake
Japan's Kobe earthquake

morning of the 17th, 1995 1 5:46, a magnitude 7.2 strong earthquake struck the heart of the Kansai region in Japan, The epicenter near Kobe, Osaka and other major cities. This is an earthquake in Japan nearly 70 years. This tragic earthquake, the hardest hit city of Kobe nearly 10,000 buildings were destroyed, and nearly 5,000 people were killed by the earthquake. More than 20,000 people were injured, and property losses of nearly 10 trillion yen. The people of Kobe,
, in drinking water claim consciously lined up
the Japanese police and emergency dispatch SDF, full disaster relief.
homeless to sleep in the open area

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