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June 13.1978-Modern novelist Liu Qing's death in China

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(Wu Wu, May eighth day), June 13, 1978, the death of our modern novelist Liu Qing. the Reference 1978 June 13, 2010, the death of our modern novelist Liu Qing. Liuqing

, Shaanxi wubu people, in 1928 the Chinese Communist Youth League to participate in the Chinese Communist Party in 1936. Sino-Japanese War early, he began writing. Write the novel reflect the rural mutual cooperation movement "kinds Valley in mind," after 1949, he was the fifth member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China's duties for the Association in 1947.
1951 he published the novel "iron wall" reflects the struggle of the masses living in the War of Liberation. 1952, in Shaanxi Chang'an HUANGFU village settled in 1959, published the novel reflects the socialist revolution in rural China "Pioneering" first, in 1977, published a "Pioneering" second (on). (TodayinHistory.cn)

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