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January 24.0756-Chinese Tang Dynasty famous high Xianzhi and closure Chang Qing's death

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(Yi Wei twelfth lunar month XVIII), January 24, 756 Chinese Tang general Gao Xianzhi and closure Qing Chang's death.

Tang Dynasty is one of the most glorious dynasty in the history of our country, so the environment in the Chinese Western Regions Frontier Command has created Anxi Beiting the two major Dohobu as in charge of the Western Regions Frontier Politics institutions, there are about one and a half years of the century . Which has presided over the Western affairs high Xianzhilou and closures often clear the two have made a significant contribution to the Tang Dynasty unified Western stability frontier. the
high Xianzhi, native of Korea, (lssjt.cn) country of Korea on the Korean Peninsula at the time, on time and vulgar to the country called the surname. Bloods owned by Don, Father high Scotia chicken for 10 will be four Anxi towns, Zhu Wei, General. High Xianzhi handsome man, good at riding and shooting young father to Anxi (now Kuqa) to the parent atone official company of years more than twenty Jibai generals, and his son and classes. Tempo dynasty, he was promoted to Anxi Vice mostly care, four towns are known Bing Mashi years is not yet three years old. At this time, the closure is often cleared to come to go over his. (Τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm)
closure often clear, puzhou Yi's (Linyi), a child who lost his parents and grandfather had each other. Grandfather was exiled crime the Anxi effectiveness, keep South Gate Hu, and leisure often taught him to read at the Shing Mun upstairs. Over thirty years after the death of the grandfather,, solitary poor have no closure often clear inner anguish, see high Xianzhi time travel, Qianhuhouyong the, luxury robes, majestic, very envious, so generously decided to wrote a letter, seeking for the entourage. Closure evergreen for the first time army victory, he would secretly write a detailed and comprehensive victories in the curtain account, feel after reading coincides with the high Xianzhi, could not help but amazed from this often clear new light on the closure.
after more than ten years, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau on the Tubo Dynasty conquered Kashmir west of the Pamir region size Bolor States, so the control of more than 20 countries in the northwest are Tubo. As the west gate of the Tang Dynasty, the size Bolor the fall, not only blocking the exchanges of the countries in Central Asia in the west of the Tang Dynasty and the Pamirs, and pose a direct threat to the four towns in Anxi. Tang Dynasty sent his troops several times want to recover lost ground, the law is located in the mountains due to the size of Bo, easily defensible, each time without success.
AD 747 (Tempo 06) Xuanzong Li Longji commanded high Xianzhilou to line of business Jiedushi, his troops and then cutting Bolor and send eunuch side so sincere jianjun supervise operations. The high Xianzhilou just to show their talents rate thousand cavalry from Anxi out dial for City (Aksu), grip the the Sede city (in the today Tumushuke), Shule (Kashgar), into Conglingxi (now Pamir plateau), Bashansheshui, 分兵 three break the Tibetan town Lianyun Fort kills five thousand, captured thousands of people, and seized a horse more than a thousand horses and a large number of military-owned equipment. British explorer Aurel Stein the deep high Xianzhi feat admiration, to "the Western Archaeological remember" wrote: "I feel pity the brave Chinese generals Jingbu in Pass the establishment of the monument or something like that to commemorate the matter. "Jianjun side make sincerity do not want to move forward, high Xianzhi since reunification elite troops continue into the disease, straight to small Bolor States, captive king and princess, leaving the town of the army after a triumphant return to. Gao Xianzhi was promoted Anxi Jiedushi insurance quote closure often clear 50.The to join the army, Jie Du Magistrate, again and again the Zhaosandafu, in charge of four towns in the warehouse, Mita, A battle, support and other supplies and equipment and logistical matters. The closure often clear act decisively, diligence and dedication, reward and punishment, and won the trust of high Xianzhi. 750 years
AD (Tianbao nine), high Xianzhi again sent soldiers Conglingxi, captured the robbery division of the pro-Tibetan king Butler did not separate his brother Su Buddha for robbery division King lifted guarding small Bolor Tangjun doom and gloom situation. Following the fall of the 30,000 the high Xianzhilou rate more than riding a depth of seven hundred in the army in the DA logic Adams City (Han Dynasty, said Zhizhi City, today Kazakhstan Talas), the two armies locked in a stalemate with food (Arab Abbasid) Five days later, Tang Jun in Geluo Lu Department of chicken betrayal and Dashi attack Tangjun CHANGJI defeated, only the rate of thousands of people desperate to race back Anzai. The battle neither affect the relationship between the Tang Dynasty and food did not have much impact on the then Western Region of Councils. However, shocked the logic Sri Lanka's post-war, Tang Junshi soldiers captured by the big food some paper artisans began to pass the Chinese invention of papermaking technology to the West, caused a revolutionary change in the history of world culture.
due to the DA logic Sri Lanka's defeat, the high Xianzhi enlisted the Korean, he was named the Hexi Jiedushi. The seal often cleared to the four towns the branch degree Yingtian Fushi, was promoted mostly nursing Anxi Vice, Anxi Jiedushi. According to have found archaeological data, Tianbao period, Tang the Anxi ie ambitious Kuqa vicinity Mita scale water conservancy construction with remarkable results, filling the treasuries, presided over the closure being to Qing Chang contributed. AD 753 (Tianbao years), Feng Chang Qing rate division crusade small Bolor southeast Bolor State victory. The year
AD 754 (Tempo 10 years), closure Chang Qing Korea to get awards, and was also an adjunct Beiting Jiedushi. Dual town of power, glory, and reached the pinnacle of a life and career. He diligent in affairs of state, work diligently, constantly shuttling Anxi between North Court (now Jimusaer). Chang Qing appreciated by famous poet Cen Shen drew much closure, has been appointed as Anxi, North Ting Jie Du Magistrate, in his magnificent poetry, left us with a lot of closures often clear Psalms. Shih Rebellion Western Regions in power before the last term of the Tang Dynasty famous Feng Chang Qing uphold the court guidelines to keep Conglingxi think the west boundary, with large food defuse the plot hatred, to maintain the non-aggression relationship. Anshi Rebellion in large food has also sent troops to help quell the rebellion Tang. In addition, the closure Chang Qing pacification of the Jinshan (now the Altai) Ge Luolu rebellion sowing cents (Qiemo) Tibetan Rebellion. He often had mishaps, horses puzzled saddle hehe exploits.
AD 755 years (Tempo 34 years), CHANGJI been called the closure of Miyun County Public Tianbao years, Lushan to discuss Yang Guozhong in the name of south anti Tang, the Xuanzong frightened, anxious to get into Beijing to appear before the Anxi Jiedushi closure Chang Qing rushed Luoyang recruiting against. Appointed Rong Wang Li Wan Marshal high Xianzhi Vice Marshal, rate Fakie?? Riding and the north, Hexi, Longyou soldiers and money to recruit off auxiliary recruits ban, of 50,000. Closure often clear defeat, the 18th (ie January 24) in 756 AD, side make sincerity to Tongguan, first called closure often clear, he proclaimed a Charter granted, beheaded, violence dead in the reeds on top. High Xianzhi looked dead seals often clear, sighed: "Inside Front, the sub from the micro to, I am lead to pull for my Magistrate, Russia on behalf of my Jiedushi sub with today died of , Qi life husband! "Yan Bi was killed. High Xianzhi is the famous Emperor Xuanzong military generals. He guarding Anzai, contributed to maintain the security of the Donsie frontier. He retreated Tongguan, take shelter in the strategy of the enemy front conducive to stop the rebels west Chang'an. But due to the framing of the eunuch, the Tang Emperor outperform Suizhi his death is regrettable. High Xianzhi in dealing with ethnic relations, there is a serious problem, the Tang Dynasty, the reason to lose a large part of the responsibility in the Western domination, high Xianzhi.

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