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January 29.1899-Qu Qiubai the birth of the party's early leaders, writers, translators

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January 29, 1899 (Reform Movement of the twelfth lunar month 18), the party's early leaders, writers, translators Qu Qiubai's birthday.

1899 1 29, 5:00 pm, six an hour with, Qu was born in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, Tainan. Fruit Lane, Qu Qiubai born in the little neat Changzhou Fucheng southeast corner of the the Guanghua door. (Lsjt.net) Qu Qiubai is a the Qu family of the eldest son. The Qu family is a big family, Qu Qiubai calmly martyrdom "target =" _blank "> Qu Qiubai belong to her second child in a family room in a within 16 of the four-bedroom Sai Mao 趼捲, early name Mao Miao, No. bear primary male (also Department soul). because the hairline the two spin Heart (commonly known as a double top), the parents gave him to take a milk Mingjiao double white primary and secondary schools in the early autumn, the scientific name is called Qu double gourd boats alias, iron Bo Tiemei, polyester and plum; later renamed Qu Shuang, or for Qu cream, also changed the number Qiubai 29 am
in 1999, the CPC Central Committee held a grand rally at the Great Hall of the People to commemorate Qu Qiubai 100th anniversary. Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Secretariat, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. the (Lssdjt.com)
Wei said, Qu is one of the main leaders of the Communist Party of China early great Marxist, outstanding proletarian revolutionary, theorist and propagandist, one of the founders of the Chinese revolution important literary career. Qu Qiubai life is a life of heroic struggle for the cause of the Chinese People's Liberation, he said, Qu spread Marxism, the Communist Party of China early in theory building, made enormous contributions he attaches great importance to improve the theoretical level of the whole party, the use of the basic principles of Marxism, to delve into the basic problems of the Chinese revolution, many brilliant insights for the party's ideological and theoretical construction done a lot of foundational work,
Wei pointed (lssjt.cn) Qu Qiubai arduous exploration roads outstanding pioneer of the Chinese revolution and his commitment to Marxism in China, Mao Zedong formation of ideas to make an important contribution to the actual work of the leadership of the Chinese revolutionary struggle, and strive to use Marxism to solve practical problems in China. many revolutionary forerunner, his thoughts proposition has a history of limitations of the times even defects and shortcomings, but through the clutter of the pioneers in the theoretical field, it is difficult to completely avoid Qiubai both the dual qualities of statesman and writer, has profound theoretical cultivation and literary accomplishments. (L $ dj而.c身m) when he suffered Wang Ming's "Left" MISTAKES IN leader framed blow, can not continue to work in the party leadership posts, he was soon on the cultural front to open the new situation, the Chinese revolution in cultural undertakings made an indelible contribution.
Wei Jianxing pointed out in particular, Qu is an excellent representative of the Chinese advanced intellectuals, one of the open atmosphere of the first early communists to all life and efforts to showcase the Communists this title of the profound meaning of his life to the pursuit of truth, faithful to the ideals of communism, as the first life to the cause of the party, even in a matter of life and death unwavering, embodies the lofty realm of thought and dauntless spirit of communists devotion to truth he was on the enemy struggle and inner-party struggle non-distinct, stand firm, defying the powerful, daring to fight the communists Party's principles, his sense of responsibility in leadership positions, unselfish style of democracy, open and aboveboard, reflects the Communists the sense of public service and the work style of his self-discipline in life lenient to others, and honor, modesty and prudence, embodies the noble character of the Communists in adversity, he does not sink, not depression, spared no efforts in a consistent, reflecting Communists magnanimous mind and strict sense of organization. All of these, together with the total of 500 million words of writings is a precious legacy he left to posterity. (L $ dj而.c身m)
Wei said at last , Qu was born at the turn of the century, has a century has passed and the world has undergone enormous changes, the Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, not only overthrew the three big mountains, the establishment of a new socialist China, and after the reform and opening up In 20 years, the motherland big step towards prosperity and strength, Marxism, again demonstrated strong vitality in the process of combining the practice of socialism with Chinese [lsjt.net] great theoretical achievements of our party & mdash ; - Deng Xiaoping Theory. now our country is now in the new historical period of development. (L $ dj而.妨壯T)
the National People under the leadership of the Party Central Committee with Jiang Zemin at the core, is to hold high the Deng Xiaoping Theory banner, to the construction of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics fully into the 21st century. allow us to learn the spirit of of Qu Qiubai revolutionary pioneers, and the courage to open up, innovation, and promote the progress of the times, to strive for the overall revitalization of the Chinese nation and the CPC Central Committee Li Tieying, member of the Politburo, chaired the forum, he said, we commemorate Qu, research Qu Qiubai learning Qu Qiubai, to inherit his outstanding intellectual heritage, and has important practical significance for the promotion of patriotism and revolutionary tradition, the great cause of promoting cross-century .
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Qu Qiubai resume
1899 Born in Changzhou, Jiangsu.
1919 to participate in the May Fourth Movement, the Soviet Union in October of the same year. (history today www.lssdjt.com)
1922 to join the party, come back to attend the party's "big three" in 1923, was elected as an alternate member of the Central Executive, the editor of the "New Youth".
1925 was elected to the Central Committee in the party's "big four" "87" meeting
1927, served as deputy general secretary in the party's "six" in July,
1928 revoked the duties of the deputy general secretary, he served as the Chinese Ambassador Comintern Executive representatives of the Commission, members of the Executive Committee of the Communist International, and member of the Presidium of
1930, presided over the Third Plenary Session of the corrective Li Lisan line, after the meeting, presided over the work of the Central Committee (lssdjt.cn)
1931 January, in the Sixth Plenary Session of the Fourth revocation of the Politburo. engaged in literary work in Shanghai after; end of
1933, went to the Jiangxi Soviet, the Soviet government in January of the following year, he was appointed People's Education Committee. (l $ dj而. 身r阱) In February 1935, was arrested June 18 in Changting martyrdom.

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