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February 5.1912-Modern Chinese litterateur He Qifang's birthday.

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February 5, 1912 (Xinhai years of the twelfth lunar month 18), modern Chinese writer He Qifang the birth. death of

Modern Chinese litterateur He Qifang's birthday.
He Qifang "target =" _blank "> of He Qifang
He Qifang (1912 - 1977), formerly known as Mrs.He, was born in the former Sichuan Wanxian (now Chongqing Wanzhou) a conservative family famous modern essayist, poet and literary critic. former Literature Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences (now the Academy of Social Sciences Literature of the) director, Philosophy and Social Studies Acdemy 1935 at Peking University Department of Philosophy graduate, has taught all over the country, established the magazine "work", published poetry and political essays, the passive resistance of the Kuomintang, expressed great indignation of his earlier works: Han Park set "Night Song" prophecy " "Song of the Night and daytime songs, etc., loved by readers and also wrote" autumn ", is now selected secondary school textbooks for boys and girls singing" was included in the middle school seven textbooks.
1938 years, taught to the Lu Xun Art Institute, and joined the Communist Party of China, done a lot of pioneering work for the revolutionary literature and art after 1949, successive first, second, third member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the Third National People's Congress, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles previous members, China secretary of the Secretariat of the Writers' Association, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Philosophy and Social Sciences Department of academician, literary director of the Institute, and editor of the Literary Review. accomplished in an era through the mid-20th century, the great change poet.
, ; He Qifang childhood favorite ancient Chinese poems novel, to Shanghai in 1929 into the Public School Foundation Studies, and read a large number of new poetry. learning in the Department of Philosophy, Peking University 1931-1935.
of He Qifang University during the "modern" other magazines published poetry and prose and Bian Zhilin Li Guangtian the poetry collection "Han Park Set" published in 1936, his collection of essays, "painted dream recorded" published in 1937, and "Ta Kung Pao" literary gold medal after graduating from the University of He Qifang has taught in Tianjin Nankai Middle School, and the Laiyang Country Normal School after
Japanese War broke out, He Qifang back home in Sichuan taught side to continue writing poetry, prose, essays northward to Yan'an in 1938, in Lu Xun Art Institute schools, he served as Lu Yi the literary department head.
founding of New China, is mainly engaged in the research and review of literature, and long-term leadership to participate in literary and art circles. former members of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, China Writers Association secretary at the secretary and other staff, and served as literary director of the Institute of duties.
poetry He Qifang first love and use literary style. claiming began writing "all day dreaming beautiful gentle things" thoughts and feelings and personality of a petty-bourgeois educated youth distinctive works of early demonstration of his dissatisfaction with the ugly reality, they do not know the way out; he eagerly longing for the good things in life, but the lack of warm pursuit, so compared hovering at more nostalgia, loneliness and depression, leaving only hopes and dreams.
He Qifang showed the persistent quest for the perfect art form, in poetry, the beginning of his creative that is very particular about the form of complete strict rhythm, harmonic rhythm of the United States, and pay attention to the performance of the image and the mood of the poem, his poetry has a delicate and gorgeous features. prose writing, he calls himself "I work in lyrical prose found a new garden, "He was good fusion characteristics of poetry, to write a full-bodied and lingering text, to borrow a novel metaphor and allusion, rendering the beauty of the colors and patterns of the Magic, his prose style.
real clear demonstration that changes in the style of thought and art, in the War of Resistance Against Japan, especially to Yan'an when he is getting away from the dream and face reality the poetry style tends earthy uncertain
six volumes of the "He Qifang He Qifang a collection of the most creative and of Collected Works "(People's Literature Publishing House).

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