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June 22.1895-Taiwan military and civilian resistance against Japanese aggression Hsinchu Battle

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June 22, 1895 (May 30), Yi Wei, Taiwan military and civilian Hsinchu Battle against Japanese aggression. On 22,

1895 the Taiwan soldiers and civilians to resist the Japanese occupation of Taiwan Hsinchu Battle. In mid-June, the Japanese two routes invade Taichung portal Hsinchu, the Qing forces were of Liu Yongfu part of the system the Yangzi Yun in conjunction with the anti-Japanese Yijun Xu Xiang, Wu Tang Hing, Jiang Shaozu Ministry against dangerous sniper, the Japanese retreat. Late, the Japanese recidivism, the defenders grain mechanical incompetence and forced to retreat. 22 Hsinchu fall. July 10, Yangzi Yun in conjunction with the Rebel counterattack, repeated compete with the Japanese Chengdong Eighteen Peaks Mountain and pillows Hill, Jiang Shaozu sacrifice, the armed services were also helpless retreat.

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