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January 11.1974-South Vietnam declared sovereignty over the Xisha Islands, Nansha Islands

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January 11, 1974 (Guichou the twelfth lunar month 19), South Vietnam declared sovereignty over the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands.

began in August 1970, Vietnam (South Vietnamese puppet regime before 1975), and several other neighboring countries, have been invaded and occupied 34 islands, not sparing even on the Xisha Yongle Islands I Spratly Islands. South Vietnamese puppet troops to invade in 1956 coral islands, and refuse to leave. When the Spratly Islands found Oily landforms, the South Vietnamese puppet regime in 1973, openly declared on China's Nansha, Xisha Islands has sovereignty, and assigned to the South Vietnamese territory. The 1
1974 11, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs again solemn declaration on the territorial sovereignty of the Xisha, Nansha, China and Saudi Arabia, the Dongsha Islands Unarguable. But despite our warnings Sai Kung authorities flagrantly dispatched warships to further violations of the Paracel Islands, launched a military provocation at sea. On January 15, the South Vietnamese sent a destroyer invasive Yongle sea, to the Oasis Island fired the provocation of the normal operation of the fishermen, and sent amphibious squad boarded Treasure Island, Chen Hang island. At the same time, they sent two destroyers and frigates to sail Xisha Hai District.
to smash the enemy's attempt to defend its territorial integrity, and safeguard its maritime rights and interests of South China Sea Fleet, consisting of 271,281,396 vessel formation, were acting in self-defense against the enemy vessel formation, a sunk by enemy wounded 3 regained occupied by South Vietnamese coral, gold and silver, Oasis Island, has rewritten the history of more than a century of foreign invaders trample on China's territorial seas.

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