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June 27.1858-The signing of the Sino-French Treaty of Tianjin

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June 27, 1858 (May 17), Wu Wu, signed the Sino-French Treaty of Tianjin. June

1858, 27 days the second Opium War, British and French troops captured the Taku forts, was advancing Tianjin dispatch University Guests Guiliang the Qing government, the board of civil chancery spend Sana'a and French Plenipotentiary gaylord The signed Chengxiazhimeng - "Sino-French the Tianjin Treaty" (formerly known as "about the Articles of Association"). A total of 42 models. Attach "about the supplement to the Prospectus. Main elements: First, the French ambassador in Beijing, in International Trade and the mouth set Consulate. Additional Qiongzhou, Chaozhou (after change Shantou), Taiwan (Tainan), freshwater, Dengzhou (later renamed Yantai), Nanjing as a trading port. Catholic priest come to the mainland freedom to preach. Frenchman in the Mainland traveled any rent land to build a house in the treaty ports, set up in churches, hospitals, schools, burial grounds, warehouses, and other local Chinese officials to undermine the Chinese legal person should be severely punished. , China and other countries agreed tariff checkpoints tax, tonnage tax, over tariffs, import and export goods tax, France can be "equitably". French troopship parked at Chinese ports. Determine consular jurisdiction and unilateral MFN treatment. Eight to France claims 2 million taels of silver.

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