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June 27.1878-He Xiangning's birthday

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June 27, 1878 (May 27) Tiger years, the He Xiangning the birth. the He Xiangning the birth

He Xiangning's birthday
He Xiangning's birthday
He Xiangning's birthday
He Xiangning's birthday
"target =" _blank "> He Xiangning refuse any duties as KMT government, to homebound Shanghai, with the the painting ends meet
of Liu Yazi, etc. He Xiangning (1878.6.27-1972.9.1). Nanhai, Guangdong origin, was born in Hong Kong. Liao Zhongkai married in 1897. east to Japan in 1902, and into Tokyo Hongo Women's School of Fine Arts, here in 1908, participate Revolution along with Sun Yat-sen and Liao Zhongkai, graduating in 1910 returning after removed in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Japan, the revolution and forth, the former Kuomintang Central Executive Committee, and Minister for Women, member of the Central Committee of the rank. resign from his post in 1928 to concentrate on painting.
1929 Shanghai abroad, first to the bazaar art exhibition organized by the Philippines, (L $ dj而.c身m) Singapore, Ceylon and other countries (lssdjt.cn) arrived in Paris, France, and Belgium, (L $ dj而.c身m) United Kingdom (L $ dj而.c身m) Switzerland, (L $ dj而.c身m) Germany and other places in 1931, the smell of the "September 18" Incident, returning in December. arrived there, organized by the relief the national calamity calligraphy exhibition here, and Liu Yazi, twilight Friends of the Shuren Results cold. Serving Salvation Federation's governing Executive Committee, Chinese women in 1937 to resist the enemy and the President of the fan club in 1938, moved to Hong Kong to overseas Chinese propaganda war of resistance, and the Eighth Route Army, (L $ Fundraising dj而.c身m) New Fourth Army after the fall of Hong Kong to Guilin to sell paintings for a living. retrocession back to Hong Kong, the organization of the Revolutionary Committee of Chinese Kuomintang
1949, served as a member of the Central People's Government, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission , Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee of Chinese Kuomintang Honorary Chairman of the All China Women's Federation, Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, vice chairman, chairman of the Chinese Artists Association and other staff. specializes in Chinese painting. works "lion", "plum", "Takamatsu Figure 1979, held at the National Art Museum of China, the the He Xiangning Chinese painting heritage exhibition, Liao Zhongkai He Xiangning Memorial Hall in Guangzhou in 1982 established. published "the He Xiangning Paintings" "He Xiangning Poetry and Painting Series", "the Shuangqing Poetry and set" (history Today www.TodayOnHistory.com)
activities by the Kuomintang limit heartland Hong Kong
the He Xiangning ill run rescue in jail Luodeng Xian Chen Geng, (L $ dj而.c身m the He Xiangning pictures
works) Liao Chengzhi and other Communist Party members Takamatsu map 1960,

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