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June 27.1905-Russian Black Sea Fleet "Potemkin" Uprising

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June 27, 1905 (May 25), Otomi, the Russian Black Sea Fleet "Potemkin" uprising.

Russian Black Sea Fleet "Potemkin" Uprising
Russian Black Sea Fleet "Potemkin" Uprising
Russian Black Sea Fleet "Potemkin" Uprising
the Russian Black Sea Fleet "wave gold" No. uprising
1905 14, the Russian Black Sea Fleet "wave Gold" ironclad sailors uprising. June 27, 1905, after insurgents shot some of the most hateful officer, erected the revolutionary red flag the warships to Odessa.
in revolutionary activities rather frequency Odessa Port, public solidarity with the Potemkin ship soldiers. The Russian government was ordered the Cossacks into Ao Sa to put down the rebellion with force. Soon, due to the shortage of materials, waves Gold to enter Romania's neutrality Port Constance Tanta, seeking political asylum. The following year was extradited to the tsarist government, many sailors have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms. Lenin believed that the uprising in the Czar's army first mass revolutionary movement.
"waves gold" ironclads uprising failed, but it shows that the proletarian revolution in Russia under the guidance of Lenin's revolutionary strategy, step by step toward a climax. story
famous Russian director Sergei Eisenstein wave story made into Gold "Battleship Potemkin" is an enduring classic in the history of cinema.
Eisenstein's "Battleship Potemkin" (1925) is a film full of revolutionary fervor. His strong expressive the screen group together, hit a exciting revolution spark. His films do not pay attention to portray characters gender, but focus on the use of film language of metaphor poem performance overall great role of the proletariat as the historical motivation. "Battleship Potemkin" Odessa ladder "gold" of this paragraph, that is, with a group of montage vividly exposed the bloody suppression of the Czar's army against unarmed people, romantic way to show the harsh reality .
Battleship Potemkin 1925 Director: Sergei - Eisenstein
Sergei - Sergei Eisenstein (1898-1948)

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