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June 27.1915-Film artist Zhao Dan was born

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The film artist Zhao Dan was born in June 27, 1915 (May 15) YiMao.

Film artist Zhao Dan was born
Film artist Zhao Dan was born
Zhao Dan was born "target =" _blank "> of Zhao Dan
Zhao Dan, formerly known ZHAO Feng Ao. born on June 27, 1915 Feicheng, and later moved to Jiangsu Nantong secondary schools participating organizations & ldquo into the Shanghai Art College School of Chinese painting; Little Drama Club "in 1931, after participated in left-wing theater movement, to take the stage name" Dan "
1932 the" pipa spring Resentment decorated with a dude Gordon's first film. thereafter successively shooting, "Shanghai 24-hour the" blood Zhonghun "for more than 20 films, revealing a talent show. participate in the Shanghai the amateur drama Association, presents" A Doll's House "in 1935, a large thunderstorm performances of the "World's plays, 1936-1937, due to two excellent films starring" Crossroads "and" Street Angel ", the famous film, after the outbreak of the war to participate in large-scale drama" defend the Marco Polo Bridge ", to participate in the anti-Japanese national salvation after by Sheng Shi persecution in drama three teams in Xinjiang in 1938, five years' imprisonment.
1943 went to Chongqing to participate in the anti-Japanese national salvation drama activities back to Shanghai after the war, joined the Kunlun Film Company, to participate in shooting Happiness Rhapsody "," Beauty line, "Wu Xun Biography" and other films, especially "Crows and Sparrows" is the most successful performances.
founding of New China, has starred in "Li", "Sea Rose" (History Today www.lssdjt.com) "Lin Zexu", "Nie Er" and other films, and self, self-directed, and starred in "the Castle Peak Love" (decorated Road Spring). served as the National People's Congress, the second and third representative member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Zhongguoyingxie, executive director of the Drama Association, Shanghai Film Association vice-chairman of post. (Lssdjt.com)
", Cultural Revolution" was illegally detained for more than five years. crushing the "Gang of Four , dedicated to the performing arts teaching with the screen image-building "and" the gates of hell ". died on October 10, 1980. the employees
than 1959 Director: Junli < ; br>

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