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June 27.1917-The Pershing rate U.S. troops landed in France

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June 27, 1917 (, Dimba In May, the ninth day), Pershing rate of U.S. troops landed in France. the

The Pershing rate U.S. troops landed in France
The Pershing rate U.S. troops landed in France
"Black Jack" Pershing rate of U.S. troops landed in France "target =" _blank "> Pershing in France In June 1917, 27 morning," Black Jack & rdquo ; U.S. troops led by Major General John-J-Pershing arrived in France harbor two contingents of troops stationed in the the first contingents forces off led by Major General William-L-Sibert camp not far from settling down. (l $ dj¦Ó.¨­r¨À) Pershing arrived in the evening of 27.
infantry were quickly crossed the Atlantic. despite a sea full of mines and submarine activities, but the road did not lose a single soldier. them some voluntary recruitment, some May conscription solicitation to others is a battle-hardened veterans, their coarse tan skin that they have had with General Pershing in Mexico defeated Panch - Billy Asia. they come from small farms and towns. villagers toward the coast of France, called them as heroes.
Pershing is 56 years old, but had defeated the Moro people in Mexico and the Philippines in 1913 and was awarded the United States the title of Commander-in-Chief of the expeditionary force, he plans to its forces to maintain as a whole, from dominated Entente other leaders, and ultimately the hope that each division was able to command a large army of 28,000
in the West line of the French army, the British Army and other Allied army that Americans still lack experience, so they can not be on the front line, at least for the time being can not.
in France, the U.S. military set of the first contingents of troops waiting for review

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