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June 28.0202-Eastern Han Dynasty the separatist warlord Yuan Shao's death

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May 21 (Imo), June 28, 202 years, the Eastern Han Dynasty separatist warlord Yuan Shao's death.

Yuan Shao (? -202) word this early Han, Runan Ruyang (now the, Shangshui Yuan, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, villagers Yuan Lao village). From noble blood, since the great-grandfather of four generations from the five ranked Excellencies Excellencies above own home, and therefore IV Excellencies, "said his family. (Lssdjt.cn) Sili Xiaowei Yuan Shao early in the first year of the beginning of level (190), was elected as the anti-Dong Zhuo joint Army chief at war with Dong Zhuo; but soon the joint military disintegrate. Since then, in the late Han Dynasty pet, Yuan Shao's death "target =" _blank "> Yuan Shao first occupy Jizhou, and has won the green, and two states, and in Jian'an four years (199) defeated the separatist warlord Gongsun Youzhou Zan, forces peaked; [lsjt.org] in Jian'an five years (200) in the Battle of Guandu defeat on Cao Cao. in Pingding Jizhou rebellion, in for Jianan seven (202) died.

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