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June 28.1194-Southern Song Dynasty emperor Song Xiao Zhong Zhao? Y death of

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(Jiayin June ninth day), June 28, 1194, the Southern Song Dynasty emperor Song Xiao Zhong Zhao? Y's death. name Bo Cong Y "target =" _blank "> Zhao? the Y (shèn), Song Xiao Zhong, of the death, after Southern Song Dynasty strongest

Southern Song Dynasty emperor Song Xiao Zhong Zhao? Y death of
the emperor - Song Xiao Zhong
Zhao? renamed Yuan Ci Ming Wei characters Wing, brought in seven generation descendant. was born Jianyan the first year (November 27, 1127 AD, October 22, collapsed in June 1995, the ninth day Shaoxi (1194 June 28 Day), the second emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty (1162 -1189 years 18 reign).
Xiaozong accession to the throne, will be era name "longxing" determined Guangfu Zhongyuan recovered rivers and mountains , then restore Yue Fei posthumous title of "Wu Mu, bestowed Yue Fei Hubei national companies, deprived of Qin Hui's official post, and commanded the the veteran Zhang Junsheng Northern Expedition Central Plains, but suffered Fuli Golden Army sniper defeated. then Jin Jun to take advantage of its success, the loss of the Southern Song Dynasty army heavy Song Xiao Zhong was forced in Longxing 2002 (1164) and the Golden State signed "longxing and Yee following Gaiyuan" roads "and appointing Wang Huai financial preparing roads years, because there is no interference of the war, Song Xiao Zhong specifically psychological political, wealthy people, bumper harvest, peace happiness, corruption decadent situation changed Gojong toward Song Xiao Zhong country well, the Southern Song the "dry Chun of governance (dry: roads, Chun: the Chun Xi), a well-off situation.
Chunxi 14 years (in 1187) in October, of Gojong disease and death, Xiaozong order mourning, Prince Zhao?? lying ふ? Lung 4 Organisation remorse??? 1189) in February and Zen in Prince Edward, the Prince's throne is claiming for Song Guangzong. Xiaozong overlord, homebound Chung Wa temple continued mourning for King Gojong. Mitsumune Xiaozong not and a long time not to visit Xiaozong this, Xiaozong glum onset. eventually Song Guangzong Shaoxi five years (1194), June, died in Lin'an heavy Chinese temple Xiaozong
Xiaozong Southern Song Dynasty more as emperor.

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