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June 28.1926-Chang Tso-lin Wu Pei-fu jointly set up by the government in Beijing

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(Bingyin May 19), June 28, 1926, Chang Tso-lin Wu Pei-fu, jointly set up by the Beijing government.

Chang Tso-lin Wu Pei-fu jointly set up by the government in Beijing
Chang Tso-lin and Wu Pei-fu, met in Beijing and agreed joint. Pictured photo with various generals met. (On com) left in the front row five Chang Tso-lin [history cn] sixth from left Wu Pei-fu In 1926, Chang Tso-lin, Wu Pei-fu met in Beijing, unite to form the government in Beijing .
4 months, Feng Lu Jun in Beijing. The Beijing regime Wu Pei-fu, Chang Tso-lin's fierce quarrel formation deadlock. Wu Pei-fu and the resumption of Cao Kun's legal system, Chang Tso-lin hopes to restore about law, the convening of the new Congress, in order to organize Regent Cabinet.
After consultations, (TodayinHistory.cn) decided to temporarily restore the the reason Cao Kun appointment of Yan Huiqing cabinet. May 12, Yan Cabinet reinstatement, but soon, Yan Chang Tso-lin forced to resign by the the Navy chief Du Xigui Acting Prime Minister, the photo line powers of the presidency.
6, 28, Wu Pei-fu, Chang Tso-lin, met in Beijing, composed of the immediate and the Manchurian forces control the Beijing government. But the government actually controlled by the Manchurian Chang Tso-lin, by Yan Huiqing, Du Xigui, the Wellington Koo succession act the Administrative form of regency cabinet.

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