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June 30.1993-Famous BEYOND Wong Ka Kui's death, rock band

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(癸酉 May 11), June 30, 1993, the famous BEYOND rock band Wong Ka Kui's death.

Famous BEYOND Wong Ka Kui's death, rock band
Famous BEYOND Wong Ka Kui's death, rock band
Wong Ka Kui's death "target =" _blank "> Wong Ka Kui (1962 - 1993 30 days, have been 19 years ago), one of the founders of the original music, Rock one of the pioneers in China, great talented artists, humanitarians, pacifists, idealists, China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the famous rock band BEYOND lead singer and guitarist, bassist Johnny's brother. < ; br> Wong Ka Kui childhood feelings and his brother Wong Ka Keung very good junior high school age, Ka-kui friends imperceptibly fell in love with the pop music of Western Europe, the age of 15 because the company working back alleys of the father picked up a dilapidated guitar (the other argument is the age of 17, leaving a neighbor moving acoustic guitar), and that he forged a bond with this instrument. Wong Ka Kui Yu Bo Yun graduated from high school, worked for an office assistant, hardware, air conditioning , hydropower projects, television sets, operators, etc., and even join drummer Yip Sai Wing office of the insurance company as a salesman. early
eighties, Edith Piaf by the introduction of the piano boss met Yip Sai Wing, I found each other music similar interests, in conjunction with the two friends Deng Wei Qian (aka Wu Lin, the English name William) and Li Rong Chao formed the band to make music exchange this for BEYOND the prototype. them in 1983 and formally constituted BEYOND, after several personnel changes, the bass guitarist Johnny wait forever and lead guitarist Paul Wong has joined and held concerts and launched cassette "good bye", and finally joined the music scene was favored by the managers [lssjt.cn]
BEYOND 1983 for the stage in 1993 when most of the published works of Wong Ka Kui author and lead singer Wong Ka Kui addition to the band outside the creations, he also occasionally for other singers (such as Sam Hui, Alan Tam, Mak Kit Man, Faye Wong, Cai Xinglin etc.) creation.
Wong Ka Kui outspoken character, and mince! therefore sometimes discontent in the entertainment, however, decisive, talkative personality, he became the heart and soul of the BEYOND, and lead BEYOND broke into more than one peak after years of effort, BEYOND has become the most important bands in Hong Kong, China. disappointed because of corruption in the Hong Kong music scene, coupled with the hope that the band can out of Hong Kong, BEYOND decide to China Taiwan, ( L $ djτ.cōm) Japan, Southeast Asia and other local development.
in 1990, BEYOND development of Taiwan and the mainland of China and other places, visibility gradually improved. September 1991, BEYOND Hong Kong Red? Stadium held five field life contact "concert., Japanese managers BEYOND are interested in signing with them, led BEYOND towards the development of Japan and other parts of Asia, the end of the same year, they turned to Warner Music began BEYOND Warner era. Wong Ka Kui said they hope to have more freedom to play music in 1992, BEYOND Nagai Japan, to take over the work of large and small, including their most reluctant game show, they initially thought Japan than in Hong Kong greater freedom to do the music, who knows, but still want to install the little boy next door "to the Japanese fans agree. although they are very lonely life in Japan, but to learn where and Hong Kong are not the same Music became BEYOND playing music in Japan, the biggest driving force at this time BEYOND, has been slowly rising popularity in Japan, but also to attract a group of Japanese fans. (L $ djτ.cōm)
1993 June 24, BEYOND shot in Tokyo, Japan, Fuji TV game show "Ucchan the-nanchan no yarunara yaraneba" in the process of the game "treasures" show host Uchimura (28 years old) and BEYOND Wong Ka Kui (31-year-old ) fall on the ground, respectively, [lsjt.net] Wong Ka Kui the unfortunate head before plunging to the ground, into a coma, Uchimura was only slightly injured, not hurt June 30, 1993, (lsjt.net) generation of musical genius - Wong Ka Kui at 16:15 (Japan time) in Tokyo, Japan, died at the age of 31 years old.
Wong Ka Kui died young fans of Hong Kong and the Mainland China still has a far-reaching impact on Beyond other members also inherited its behest, the name of the band launched the album until 2005, officially announced the dissolution of Wong Ka Kui's contribution to the Hong Kong music scene has been widely accepted, the Hongkong Post launched on November 8, 2005 "Hong Kong Pop Singers" philatelic series, Edith Piaf become one by singers pay tribute to the launch of the stamps (denomination of HK $ 1.40). Radio Television Hong Kong in 2007, its shooting commemorative special edition "immortal legend: Wong Ka Kui" was January 26, 2008 on TVB Jade Channel. May 10 of the same year, Hong Kong and Taiwan declared "Wong Ka Kui died album" (tentative name) to commemorate 15 years ago, died in an accident Beyond vocalist Wong Ka Kui will begin broadcasting in the June 30 "Made In Hong Kong Li Zhigang period. (History today www.lssdjt.com) Wong Ka Kui's death, beyond the band began to decline, but Ka-kui remain forever in our hearts
Wong Ka Kui ^ 43 ^ wma "name =" mediaplayerfile ">" brighter future " Wong Ka Kui

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