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June 30.1953-Taiwan actress Lin Feng-born

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June 30, 1953 (May 20) Kimi years, Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-born.

Taiwan actress Lin Feng-born
Taiwan actress Lin Feng-born
Taiwan actress Lin Feng-born
Taiwan actress Lin Feng-born
actor. Native of Fujian Province, was born in Taipei. Poor family, secondary schools have not graduated from it into the society to make a living, and worked as a waitress, dancer, clerk, and even worked people farming, can be said to have gone through hardships. "Chaozhou Angry Men" in 1972 starring into the film. "My Land and My People" in 1975 starring director Lee Hsing and fame, and since then gradually became popular artistic film. 1978 starring the ocean in a boat, decorated Zheng Fengxi wife Goodwin Zhao, was the twenty-fifth Asian Film Festival acting Award for Best Actress, the 15th Golden Horse Award for Best Actress. After starred Lee Hsing produced works. In 1979, starred in "Small Town Story" Silent, was the sixteenth Golden Horse Best Actress Award. She also Taipei "Good Morning" (1979) decorated Qi Su, a poor fishermen daughter; "My Native Land" (1980), decorated Zhong Ping-mei, a starving writer faithful wife; "Xinhai Double Ten (1981) decorated I seven the wife. "Water side", "Pik days", "Butterfly Valley", "This situation can be asked of days" other participating works otherwise, "success Lingshang", "Descendants of the Dragon". (Historical www.lssdjt.com)
Lin Feng-born "target =" _blank "> Lin Feng-pragmatic hard, since childhood, has accumulated a deep foundation of life, their performances truly delicate to play traditional Chinese women known from the shadow decade filming seven dozen break of 1982 (TodayinHistory.cn) 1983 Hong Kong kung-fu star Jackie Chan married; son Jaycee Chan also involved in the film industry.
Lin Feng-chiao and Jackie
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Comments: Erlin two Qin also wind all the rage. Erlin: Brigitte Lin, Lin Feng-chiao; Second Qin: Qin and Han Chin Hsiang-lin.

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