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June 30.1985-The release of all hostages of terrorists hijacking 17

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June 30, 1985 (, Yi Chou May 13), the release of all the hostages after 17 terrorists hijacking.

The release of all hostages of terrorists hijacking 17
The release of all hostages of terrorists hijacking 17
The release of all hostages of terrorists hijacking 17
The release of all hostages of terrorists hijacking 17
The release of all hostages of terrorists hijacking 17
Robert the - Manchester Sam, the Beirut hijacking the victims
1985 June 30, 2011. The long tough hijackings in the Middle East. The members of the radical Shiites have God party that ºÕ×ÈÌØÀ­ºÕ the release of 39 American hostages in Beirut. These hostages before traveling to Damascus and then to Frankfurt. They looked relaxed and healthy. They look forward to reunification with their families, but a family can not enjoy their happiness. Navy diver Robert - Manchester Sam as a passenger on a Trans World Airlines Flight 847, in this speech 17 big plays on the first day, it was brutally killed by the terrorists.
hostage spokesman Allen - Convair for this grim hijackings hijackers made several existing dispute have agreed with the narrative, and he thanked the role played by Syrian officials in the negotiations. He said: "We know that without their help and support, not their concern in our lives, we definitely will stay in Beirut. Future unpredictable. "
Although Israel did not meet the main requirements for the release of more than 700 Shiites and Palestinian prisoners, the Syrian authorities, or to convince them to release the hostages. Israel said that in this crisis if the United States asks them to do so, they may release those prisoners. However, the Reagan administration has refused to do so. Vice President Bush's press to see the repatriation of the hostages, said: "You come back to the United States did not damage their own principles put you then back. "However, presumably subsided hijackings, Israel will release prisoners.
When someone asked whether the United States would retaliate, Convair, said: "I really do not know who took our retaliatory acts like revenge, personal disgust, I did not want to seek revenge and vengeance. "The freed hostages said to the hijackers be they good.
Convair and others did not mention the 14th aircraft to take off from Athens, the two hijackers seizure of the aircraft when the atrocities. The terrorists forced the pilot circled flight over the Mediterranean, they used the weapons to fight some of the passengers, these weapons are boarding from Athens stole bring to. In the second forced the aircraft down in Beirut, they shot Roberts - Sitesaimu.
when Beirut airport Console personnel an attempt to stop the aircraft landing TWA pilots who carried out a dramatic radio call for help, he said: "They hit the passengers. They threatened to kill them. Aircraft refueling, without delay. "Console mercy.
aircraft flew from Beirut to Algiers, back to Beirut, and then fly to Algiers, then return to Beirut, during which the majority of the passengers are hijackers released. The first two days of the event, a message that the United States has sent task forces to rescue the hostages in the Mediterranean. Moderate Shiite Muslim leaders that than He - Berry became the crisis, the mediator. After the incident the first 17 days, he revealed that he has arranged to go down, and then sent to Beirut secret place hidden from the aircraft on the hostage rescue. (L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m)
Berry said: "We are worried that once the gun battle, they may not be a survivor. "The pilot Benitez Tuo Lake also warned:" If the task force went to the rescue of the hostages, then we will become dead. "
This raid finally did not happen, but the Reagan administration did Fielding special mixed fleet bound for the coast of Lebanon. Secretary of Defense Weinberger explain this fleet, said: "This is a war. "Secretary of chat Schultz called on countries to take concerted action to" crush the despicable acts of terrorism. " If the threat of force on the issue of the release of the hostages can be the starting point, I really do not know is what kind of role. So far there are seven kidnapped earlier American hostages have not been released. If a little way, I really do not know how to rescue them, so it was released. their
Shiite gunmen took stock of the situation masked terrorists on
United Airlines flight at Beirut airport under the surveillance of to met the reporter is
other hostage released after the two-week negotiations

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