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July 2.0626-Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin launched "Xuanwu Gate Incident"

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(On June BingXu fourth day), July 2, 626 Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin launched Xuanwu Gate Incident ".

Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin launched "Xuanwu Gate Incident"
Tang Dynasty established soon between Li Shimin and Crown Prince Li Jiancheng, engaged in a fierce competition for the throne struggle.
Originally, the establishment of the Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin contribute to the most deserving, he gathers the Yuchi in Gunter, Qinshubao, Li Jing these famous generals widely in Meeting celebrities. So, he forces no one can compare. Li Jiancheng in Taiyuan revolted, commanding an army, played some victories, although not as strong strength of Li Shimin, but, he has the legal identity of the Prince makes a large number of royal relatives gathered around him; him long-term stay in the Guanzhong in the capital Chang'an with a solid foundation, and even the defenders of the palace (Xuanwumen Guard), are under his control. He is also the King of Qi Li Yuanji draw in the past. Overall, Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin evenly matched.
Gaozu Takenori nine day, Li Shimin to court to sue Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji expose them in the harem abuses. Koso surprise, said: "as much as such a thing? Li Shimin said:" Not only that, they have several times to murder me. If they succeed, the children never see Fu Huang emperor said: "you speak of things at stake, tomorrow I want to personally interrogated the night, the emperor summoned. July 2
AD 626, the emperor personally led the Sun loudly et al, ambush in nearby Xuanwumen. Guarding the Xuanwumen the generals called Chang Ho, turned out to be a confidant of Li Jiancheng, Li Shimin has been bribed passed. Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji went to the lake temple found abnormal situation, immediately turned the horse ran to the Orient House, just listen to someone shouting: "Prince, King of Qi, why not go to court?" Liyuan Ji looked back, being head Li Shimin, he rushed to take the bow Nock, a series of three arrows sent to Li Shimin, no shot. Li Shimin retroreflective a stone alignment Li Jiancheng, Li Jiancheng fell off a horse off the gas, Liyuan Ji hastily fled westward, Yuchi Jingde stone shot. brothers and fights in
Gaozu positive with the Minister, the concubine sea boating pool. "Suddenly saw Yuchi Jingde hurriedly rushed to the scene and the Koso asked:" are you doing here? "Yuchi Jingde said:" Prince, King of Qi rebellion, the King of Qin am afraid alerted Majesty, mission minister to escorting. Koso to surprise, Mangwen: "Prince, King of Qi now where?" Yuchi Jingde said: "King of Qin has been killed". Koso very sad, commanded the cruise ships dock back Peiji et al: not think there will be such a thing happen, you see how to do? "Xiao and Chen said:" built Yuanji was no great merit, the King of Qin merit guise, to win the hearts, the rationale of the crown prince. " The emperor said: "I think it would have been". Yuchi Jingde said quickly: the outside completely calm, a decree to His Majesty, to be the brightest military to accept the King of Qin command. "Emperor immediately sent edicts to the end of the coup. (Τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm)
three days after, Gaozu announced as Crown Prince Li King of Qin, national affairs, and shall be handled by the Prince. This August, Gaozu was forced to step aside, claiming to be the overlord. Li Shimin when the emperor is Taizong. Second year change reign Zhenguan. The history of the coup, called "Xuanwu Gate Incident".

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