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July 2.1481-King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden Christie Ershi birth

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The June sixth (1901), July 2, 1481, the king of Denmark, Norway and Sweden Christie Ershi born.

Christie Ershi born "target =" _blank "> King Christie Ershi (Danish: Christian ¢ò 1481? 1559 January 25 days) in Denmark and Norway (1513 King of Sweden (1520? 1521). the L $ dj¦Ó.§«§§T] he is the last one on behalf of the Kalmar Union rule of the king of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. farmers and members of the public against the autocratic nobility he had joint? 1523); but eventually the nobles overthrow was imprisoned, he had successive years of foreign war, has also been imprisoned for 27 years. (lsjt.org)

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