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February 1.1877-Educator Xu Teli's Birthday

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February 1, 1877 (the twelfth lunar month 19) Rat, educator Xu Teli's Birthday. the old revolutionary educator has taught in the Hunan First Normal School

Educator Xu Teli's Birthday
Educator Xu Teli's Birthday
, the birth of Xu Teli "target =" _blank "> Xu Teli and the school teachers and students celebrate the 50th anniversary
Xu special established, February 1, 1877 in Changsha, Hunan. former Hunan Normal School teachers actively promoted and personally participated in the study in France in 1919 after three years abroad established Changsha Women's Normal School in 1927, the Communist Party of China, to participate in Nanchang uprising after work to the Central Soviet Area, he served as the Minister of the Ministry of Education to participate in the Long March in 1934. arrived in northern Shaanxi made after education and publicity work, he served as a member of the Central People's Government after the founding of New China, and was elected as a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. 7th National Congress of died in Beijing in 1968 on November 28, 2010, eight members of the Central Committee. (lssdjt.cn)
Xu Teli (front left) Students in France with her friends

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