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July 4.0192-Chinese Han Dynasty Politicians Wang Yun's death

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On June seventh day) (Renshen years, July 4, 192 Chinese Han Dynasty politician Wang Yun's death.

Chinese Han Dynasty Politicians Wang Yun's death

Wang Yun (137 -192 years July 4th, ago in 1820), the word sub-division. "Han" records, he Taiyuan Qi (Qi County of Shanxi) people, Hanxiandi the early years of any Szeto, the Book of Order. He was a puppet, Dong Zhuo power. (History cn) Wang Yun successfully planned the assassination of Dong Zhuo, but there is no escape the Dong remnants of the counterattack, and his family were executed. (History cn) Later Han
according to records, Wang Yun was born courtiers family. He was nineteen years old in public office, prime prefectural governor of Henan. Fail in the struggle and Attendants Zhang let, Wang Yun forced to Quguan seclusion, He Jin power again after Zhongping six official career served to in Zhonglang Henan Yin. He Jin was the eunuch ZhuSha, Dong Zhuo power, he has been replaced by Yang Biao to become Stuart Chief chancery order. His opposition to the tyranny of Dong Zhuo Lu Bu and Dong Zhuoyi sub chum, Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo contradictions, in early level three, Riboud help assassinate Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo's death, Wang Yun and Lu Bu executive affairs of state, and killed Fumiomi Cai Yong the Dong remnants Lee? To yo ⒐? The curtain ⒎? The Miao cried shown? Te glanced ぐ glass? Friends drain gilt cherry? Sway from side to side when the Huai λ collapse? Pop ? 6 years old.
documented under the "Three Kingdoms" and "Mirror", Wang Yun nephew Wang Ling Cao Cao appreciated, Qiu Wei Guoguan to, but in the crusade against Sima Yi defeated and killed.
novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", he is the foster parent of Diao Chan, Diao Chan is caused by Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo enemies and the assassination of Dong Zhuo's the main reason that Riboud. The Notorious and comic timing in the discussion Sanshiliuji often cited for this event. (TodayinHistory.cn)

Comments: One person can do a good thing for the world the annals event, it is great. There are several ancient and modern saints?

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