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July 9.1971-Henry Kissinger's secret visit to China

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July 9, 1971 (Xinhai, leap 17 May), Henry Kissinger's secret visit to China. talk to

Henry Kissinger's secret visit to China
Henry Kissinger's secret visit to China
Henry Kissinger's secret visit to China
Mao Zedong and Dr. Kissinger
founding of Sino-US relations after a long period of tense confrontation. After U.S. President Richard Nixon took office in 1969, in view of the changes in the world political balance of power, advocated improved relations with China.
1970, U.S. President Richard Nixon upcoming visit to Beijing, Pakistani President Yahya - Khan conveyed to the Chinese government, the United States is ready to improve relations between the two countries. Subsequently published Snow stood in Tiananmen Square to review appears beside the photo of Mao Zedong, and invited the U.S. table tennis team to visit China, and other events.
1971 27, China through Pakistani channels officially sent a note to. Note to say: "The Chinese government reaffirms its willingness to public reception of the President of the United States in Beijing, in order to direct meetings and discussions. "The next day, Nixon handed over the task of Kissinger's secret visit to China. on
7, 8, Kissinger during a visit to Pakistan, secretly boarded a Pakistan Airlines Boeing 707 aircraft flew to Beijing. July 9 to 11, Zhou Enlai, Kissinger talks. During the talks, the two sides discussed the Taiwan issue. Zhou Enlai insisted that the United States must recognize that Taiwan is a province of China, the Taiwan issue is China's internal affairs, and therefore can not be an outsider interference; United States also must make sure that the deadline for the withdrawal of the U.S. troops stationed in Taiwan, and the abolition of the US-Chiang "Mutual Defense Treaty.
Kissinger: (1) recognition that Taiwan belongs to China. (2) the United States is no longer an enemy of China, China, the United Nations will support the restoration of China's seat, but does not support the expulsion of the representatives of Chiang Kai-shek is no longer isolated. (3) the United States is prepared to two-thirds of the withdrawal of U.S. troops stationed in Taiwan in a specified short period of time after the end of the Indochina war, US-Chiang "Mutual Defense Treaty", the history of the United States believes can solve this problem.
7 16, the two sides issued the talks announcement. The bulletin announced that U.S. President Richard Nixon was invited to an appropriate time to visit China will take place in May 1972. Kissinger's visit to China is a successful visit to open the door to Sino-US relations. Premier Zhou Enlai met,
the Dr. Kissinger
In October 1970, Mao Zedong met with U.S. reporters, writers Edgar - Snow, he expressed welcome to U.S. President Richard Nixon. willingness to visit China. Pictured October 1, Mao Zedong and Snow (left) in Tiananmen Square.

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