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July 9.0781-Tang Zhaojie generals Guo Ziyi death

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July 9 (June 14), yau, 781 Tangchao Jie generals Guo Ziyi passed away.

Tang Zhaojie generals Guo Ziyi death
Tang Zhaojie generals Guo Ziyi death
Tang Zhaojie generals Guo Ziyi July 9 (697-781), Han nationality, native of Shanxi Fenyang. Born in lunar December 12, AD 697 (some say is the Mid-Autumn Festival) Zheng County, Washington State (now Shaanxi Huaxian). Tang Dynasty, the famous military strategist. Wu cited origin, high seven feet three inches, chivalrous extraordinary. (L $ djτ.cōm) Shih Rebellion when he the Shuofang Jiedushi defeat in Hebei Shi Siming. Uighur recovered even after the two capitals of Luoyang and Chang'an, power ranking insurgency first Jin as Zhongshuling, sealed Fenyang Dukes. When the Daizong Rebel Bugu Huai 'en seduce Tibetan, Uighur invade in regions and Guo Ziyi correctly take the alliance Uighur strategy combat Tubo, defended the tranquility of the country. Guo Ziyi military life, repeatedly perform outstanding, bid farewell to the battlefield only 84 years old. The world because he obtained to An Ningda 20 years. He is powerful world DPRK did not avoid reactive cover generation and the master does not suspect ", the whole country enjoys a high prestige and reputation. the the early
Wu cite complement Zuowei Eliot, Tang Tianbao eight (749) of any cross-Serb army so that, after the days of the German Chief right Bing Mashi of the nine former prefect, 朔方 Jie Du. 14 upload, Tang Ping Shih Rebellion, any Shuofang Jiedushi by lingwu (Ningxia southwest) Dongzheng, a Chanyu the government (now Helingeer Northwest) took the strong hold of the quiet side of the military (now Shanxi right jade) into Wai cloud (now Datong), to capture the Mayi (now Shuozhou), open the Eastern border the stove off (today on behalf of the county northeast). 15 upload, shuaibing should aid Hedong Jie Du Fushi, knowledge Jie Du things Li Guangbi Jingxing (now Hebei) into the Hebei Guangbi together to Changshan (definite) of more than ten million soldiers game losing streak Lushan party Shi Siming nine (now the Gaocheng Northwest), Shahe (now the Dasha flows through new music, line Tang nearby river). Goes to Heng Yang (now QuYang) take Shengougaolei, enemy to the Code, the enemy went to the chase the daytime Yang Bing, a night raid camp tactics, after the exhaustion of the history of the military played in constant Yangdong Jiashan, defeated Shi Siming its reinforcements prisoners chop more than 40,000 people and recovered more than ten county of Hebei, cut behind the traffic safety and military, to contain its west, a turnaround in the Hebei war situation. Intends troops Fan Yang, informed Tongguan (Shaanxi Tongguan Northeast) fall Xuanzong West to escape, then led his troops into Jingjing and Li Guangbi. Was ordered to spin shuaibing 50,000 to Lingwu, Guarding new throne Prince Li Heng (Tang Suzong). And D'$ overload (756) August the grant Bingbushangshu, the Ha Ping Zhangshi with the book, the Shuofang Jiedushi. November, to discuss the level from ceremony and bend Jiuxing House, Six Barbarous States in the number of tribes Peoples pressed on of Lingwu the Rebel Ashina lifted Shuofang worries. II contains in February, Guo Ziyi shuaibing recovered Hedong (now Shanxi Yongji southwest), Feng Yi (Shaanxi Dali), once compromised Tongguan, to defeat security Cui dry? April, granted Sagong, the world horses Vice Marshal. Feng Zhao led his troops went to Fengxiang (now part of Shaanxi Province), in the way to stay in the White Drainage transported bridge ambush (Mihara southeast) beat Ann Li Qui Nhon cavalry 5000. May, with Anshou Zhong, Li Qui Nhon war in the Qing Drainage (now Xi'an) defeat, surrender martial arts (now martial arts in the Northwest). September, with Marshal widely King Ping Lee? M rate Tang Uighur 150,000 soldiers An Shouzhong, Li Qui Nhon war in Xiangjisi (this southwest of Chang'an County) North, defeated, chopped 60,000 recovered Kyoto Chang'an (now Xi'an). October, with Lee? M up a victory Dongjin, with the Uighur army defeated Ann of the Yan Zhuang, Tongru 150,000 soldiers in the new store (Henan Sanmenxia City, Southwest), forcing Anqing Xu Ye City abandoned Luoyang retreated (now Anyang), a kung Stuart, sealed on behalf of the national companies, was ordered to operate Hebei. Qianyuan first year (758), carry Zhongshuling, was ordered with Li Guangbi nine Jiedushi of various rates of his troops, hundreds of thousands of army joint discussion Anqing Xu. October, led troops crossed the Yellow River, this is to commended (Henan) the big break security will Antai Qing, Jin Wai the Methodist State (now WeiHui). When Lu Gui four Jiedushi of will also guard the state, Anqing Xu soldiers pour Ye City 70000 to aid. TY election the 3000 archers ambush in camp, the first battle back induced, An Jun barrier ambush Wan arrows shot An army defeated. TY led his troops to chase, the younger brother of the prisoners Anqing Xu the Anqing and, pulling Weizhou. Battles worry Sigang (Anyang southwest), before and after the beheaded 30,000, then with armies even camp into Wai Ye City. In March 2002, the armies and rescue Anqing Xu Shi Siming 50,000 elite troops in Anyang River (now Anyang North) North array of engagement, anti-phase half; broad surge in wind, incredibly hard, Tang Jun, no unified command, Zhu Jie Du The collapse of the benefit of the town, Ziyi also cited the army retreated hayang (now Bangladesh County South) to protect East. Spin any East ki, Shandong, the Hedong Zhudao Marshal, the right to know the East are left behind. After eunuch Yu Zhaoen slanderest, was relieved of military power. Baoying first year (762), Taiyuan (this Taiyuan southwest), Jiangzhou (now Shanxi xinjiang) soldier after another rebellion, the court fear their contact An Jun, is the the Kaneko instrument Fenyang king, any Shuofang river, Beiting the Zelu line camp Jie Du, and Xingping, given the country of Army Deputy Marshal, a town Jiangzhou. Ziyi to Jiangzhou chopped 40 people the chaotic first and accomplice, Taiyuan also emulate disposal. From this hedong Zhu Zhen both adheres to the law. Near Ziyi again eunuch Cheng Yuanzhen alienate re-lift military power. Guangde first year (763), Tubo multiplied of Tang Ping Shih Rebellion flawless West Gu machine, captured the river, Gansu vast areas. The Chengyuan Zhen hidden reason not report to the October the Tubo attack to Mukden (now Shaanxi dry county), martial arts, the capital horrified, Daizong Ziyi Kannai Vice Marshal, Xianyang (now Xianyang northeast), out of the town to resist. No time to set soldiers, the Tubo rate Tuyuhun the Dangxiang Di Qiang 20 Peoples been crossing Weishui the approximation Chang'an. Daizong abandoned Anton Ben Shan Zhou, Kyoto fall. Ziyi (now part of Shaanxi) to collect the scattered soldier and Wu Guan the (this Danfeng southeast) Shoubing Total 4,000 officers and men of national humiliation incentive to Shangzhou; soldiers suspected of taking into account again daytime drumming Zhang Qi, night lights the fire scare Tubo recapture Chang'an. Two years, the Shuofang Jiedushi, Hebei Vice Marshal Bugu Huai 'en anti-Don. The Ziyi any Kannai the Hedong Vice Marshal river Jiedushi Shuofang Jie Du Ambassador, a town of River House (the governance now Shanxi Yongji southwest). Soon, Wynne anti-Mou brought to light, and its Department of Public allegiance to the sub-meter. Wynne Ben in Lingwu, and cited Uighur, the Tubo one hundred thousand public research Chang'an horrified. TY Feng Zhao town of Mukden, spin acting as North Road? Ning Jing original, Hexi east pass and Tubo make. Wynne such as the Ministry of advancing. Fengtian, sub-meter lineup in Qianling Shaanxi Dry County (now Northwest) south. Huihe the Tubo know well prepared without a fight. Yongtai the first year (765), Uighur, Tibetan army into Wai Jingyang (this case Shaanxi), smell Bugu Huai 'en death was violent, then discord and sub-camp, Ziyi namely the use of its contradictions collar number of people on horseback went Uighur camp, to convince Marshal drug gaylord, and with the alliance, the big break in the Tibetan army, to stabilize the situation in the Guanzhong. (766) in the first year of the big calendar, Tuen the army River in to solve the rations, Ken Tian Zigeng. This year the river wild without the desert soil, ample rations. The Chinese state Jiedushi two years, was ordered to crusade against rebel Tang Zhou Zhiguang, the Zhiguang Ministry congregation heard Ziyi sent his troops, then chop Zhiguang dynasty. Eight Tubo 10 million public attack Jing, Binxian? (This), Ziyi severance Bing Mashi muddy? Played Yi Lu (Changwu) defeat, then Zhaozhu the study of procedure, not defeated too, only meeting seek battles of soldiers in three columns, with each other, again and again to win in malls (Lingtai southwest), the original Pan (Pingliang East), the killing has been very public, Tubo rout. The next few years, several Qianbing repel a Tubo intrusion. Ziyi was a reduction of redundant official, selecting and appointing capable, kept taxes low, An Min and rejuvenating the letter. Nine years, advanced age, for the border restless and the Korean Chen remonstrance presented: Tubo, party items, Tuyuhun as the main threat, should the Tuen Mun the Mainland Road adjusting elite troops 朔方 each city, the long-term plan for the defense frontier. The fourteen years, Dezong Following bit revered Shangfu, plus Qiu Chief Zhongshuling of, I Guanjie Free. Guo Ziyi expertise in strategy, military forces discreet, the military temper justice properly, won the men admire. Body Xu, fearless, battle-hardened, meritorious. Calendar thing reign, tsung, Daizong, Dezon four dynasties, diligent in his duty, a Department of national security for more than 20 years, played an important role in the consolidation of the Tang dynasty rule.

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