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July 13.1981-Cambodia International meeting

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(June 12), yau, July 13, 1981, the International Conference on Cambodia held. held in New York from 13 to 17 July

1981 International Conference on Cambodia by the Cambodia Declaration, made a significant positive results.
the meeting is held under a resolution adopted by the 35th Session of the UN General Assembly. That resolution calls on the way to find a comprehensive political settlement of the Cambodian problem, the deadline for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Cambodia and the United Nations to verify and guarantee the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Cambodia.
meeting adopted the Declaration on the Cambodia "(hereinafter referred to as the" Declaration ") stressed that foreign troops must be all in the shortest possible time and unconditional withdrawal of Cambodia, must respect and abide by Cambodia's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity all States to guarantee non-interference and do not meddle in Cambodia's internal affairs.
"Declaration" stressed that to achieve a comprehensive political settlement of the Cambodian problem, the meeting called for negotiations on the following issues: the
1. Cambodia all parties to the conflict to reach a ceasefire agreement, all foreign troops must withdraw from Cambodia as soon as possible, by United Nations peacekeeping forces or observation group for monitoring and verification;
2. make appropriate arrangements to ensure that the the Cambodian factions armed not hinder or disrupt the holding of free elections, or intimidation in the electoral process to intimidate people, to ensure that the Cambodian factions armed respect the results of free elections;
3. adopt appropriate measures so that the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Cambodia, the freely elected government before the establishment to maintain law and order and the holding of free elections in Cambodia;
4 to hold free elections under the supervision of the United Nations, the Cambodian people to exercise their right to self-determination to elect the government of their choice. All Cambodians have the right to participate in elections.
meeting expressed the hope that Vietnam to participate can lead to a peaceful settlement of the Cambodian problem and restore the peace and stability of Southeast Asia negotiation process. This will enable all the countries in the region committed to economic and social development, to establish mutual trust and to promote regional cooperation in all fields, so as to create a peace in Southeast Asia, to coordinate a new era of peace. at this meeting for
practices of Cambodia, who have different views and ideas. Some countries proposed "dissolution of all Cambodians armed troop withdrawal in Vietnam" and establish an interim administration in Cambodia. The Chinese delegation did not agree with the above proposition. The key to solve Cambodia Vietnam to withdraw its troops involved in Cambodia's internal problems may resolve the Cambodian people should own consultations. Participating countries to oppose the overall situation of the size of the hegemonic repeated consultations, and seeking common ground while reserving differences, and finally eliminate the bifurcation, passed the "Declaration", The International Conference on Cambodia satisfactorily end, reasonable justice to promote Cambodia resolve to make a positive contribution.

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